NZ police visit a guy on Sunday

Published on May 5, 2019

this video was uploaded to facebook yesterday by a user called Napoleon Ardern.… the caption is:

“9.45am SUNDAY 5th May – NEW ZEALAND Police Visit me. With Firearms !!! — want to talk, but then will not be filmed. Authoritarian State INTIMIDATION of all that OPPOSE Socialism. All those that have an opinion that they don’t like. Share, this before it gets memory holed.”

i don’t know who Mr. Napoleon Ardern is or anything about him. (edit: ok just watched the video again, i guess his name is Nick Bush.) i was just alerted to this video now and i think it is an important video for New Zealanders to see.

4 thoughts on “NZ police visit a guy on Sunday

  1. Covertly filming these State sponsored goons is the new rule of engagement folks

    Stop telling them and showing them they are being filmed , get them in their natural actions without warning they are ALSO being monitored

    We are not being told when we are being watched ( which is everywhere) so stop giving that curtesy to them

    Criminals will let their guard down when they don’t know they are being recoded , these people are criminals … why give them any notifications

  2. Tranny PM turns New Zealand police force into a Bolshevik/thug squad because of a false flag shooting…Hide your guns kiwis you will be needing them soon

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