Obama should be tried for war crimes ….says terrorist Bill Ayers?


Obama’s out to rid the world of terrorists, one drone strike at a time. He’s particularly worried about those inside the United States. In fact, he’s so bent on ending their threats that his administration is listening to our phone calls, intercepting our emails, and desperately trying to protect us from reporters who investigate the Benghazi scandal.

Yet there’s one well known, unrepentant, terrorist who has managed to escape the President’s gaze.  We speak, of course, of Bill Ayers.  

The Chicago “educator” and one time leader of the Weather Underground doesn’t talk much about his past life, but he is on record saying that he wishes he’d “done more” while fronting his radical anti-American group.

Presumably, when you’re instrumental in launching the President’s nascent political career, the drones will pass you by.  Then again, maybe that’s not the case, because these days Bill seems to have soured a bit.  In fact, he thinks it’s time to drag Obama off to The Hague and prosecute him for what he calls “war crimes.”

According to Ayers, Obama went into an “office dripping with blood” and then added to the horror by committing “acts of terror.”

Don’t get too excited, though, because while Ayers gives Obama’s presidency an “F,” he thinks that every U.S. President of the 20th century was just as bad or even worse.  He suggests that most of the other Presidents in his lifetime would receive “F-minuses” so he’s still something of an Obama fan.

Interesting, nonetheless.

Watch Bill Ayers, appearing today on Real Clear Politics’ Morning Commute.


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