Obama Wants America To Become A Killing Zone

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The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 did make America a War Zone. It took away our Bill of Rights that had protected us from torture and indefinite detention and guaranteed us the right to a speedy trial, to legal counsel and to a trial by jury. Courts everywhere have said the police are allowed to use pain to force you to comply with an officer’s orders. If you raise your hands to defend yourself from a cop’s blows, you can be arrested and convicted of a felony for resisting arrest. The California Supreme Court even went further and ruled that if we refuse to talk to the police that the authorities can take that as an admission of guilt.  

If Obama was planning to wage a war on American soil, he would have to supply bad guys and weapons. He has been militarizing the police. I find it amusing that people who complain about police brutality run to Barack Obama to save them. Obama is the man who gave American police forces  93,000 machine guns so far this year. He is giving them Mine Resistant Ambushed Protected vehicles (MRAPs) . Look at the picture below. Ask yourself why this vehicle is on American streets? Is the President preparing to go to war against us? And why did Obama order 2,700 MRAPs with their 700 pound tires?

Obama is also giving grenade launchers to police departments. Last week the United States Army released to public view a new Army manual: U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances. The manual describes riot control methods. One section described the use of grenade launchers. If the use of a Designated Marksman (sniper) to kill someone in a crowd of unarmed protesters does not produce the desired effect, you can escalate. Men with grenade launchers and shotguns are to be used in crowd control. They should be in the second row. The men in the first row are to use non-lethal weapons like riot shields and batons. The men in the second row are to use hand pressure to signal the men in front of them to get down. Then the men in the second row are to fire with their grenade launchers and shotguns at the crowd. The shotguns are there because they can be fired more rapidly. The manual does not assume these soldiers are very bright. It tells them that the riot shields must be cleared from the path of the grenade launchers as the collision of a grenade with a shield directly in front of you could have extremely negative consequences.

The federal government through the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 2 billion bullets. Social Security, NOAA (the weathermen), the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management  have also been buying bullets in large numbers. They have stockpiled weapons and ammunition around the country. DHS has 200,000 private contractors and the intelligence agencies have 2 million contractors working for them who in theory could be called upon to use MRAPs, machine guns and grenade launchers against the American people. The TSA is supposed to work with local law enforcement in case of a national emergency. Forget them. The TSA would be worthless against armed opposition.

If you are going to sell a war, you need a credible enemy. Obama has found two in addition to those Americans he called bitter clingers who cling to their religion and their guns and are his real enemy. Obama might be using the crisis with ISIS in Iraq to draw attention away from his Open Borders. But he brought our focus back to our southern border when Washington spokes parrots started talking about ISIS working with the Mexican gangs.

About 6 months ago Obama had said one of his great fears was a nuclear attack on New York city by terrorists. Now even US Senators and the Defense Secretary are talking about war with ISIS. ISIS we are told could attack and destroy an American city. So far New York, Chicago and Las Vegas have been mentioned as possible targets.

That video claiming to show free lance reporter James Foley being executed has been widely denounced as a fake. One woman showed a 2 year old photo of Foley. It did not quite look like him. A few men commented on the video’s technical faults. Another pointed out that Foley was listed as a US AID employee in Iraq which is often a CIA cover. And he was first captured in Libya in 2011 which was far from his alleged job in Iraq.

The public was subjected to a fear campaign. ISIS we were told is coming across our southern border and will take out an American city. But wait a minute. Obama created ISIS. Al Qaeda was created by Zbigniew Brzezinski back in the 1970s because he wanted to entice the Russians into invading Afghanistan. The Obama admin had the CIA train ISIS in Jordan in 2012 when they were still part of Al Qaeda. My regular readers know that Al Qaeda means base or in  this case database. Al Qaeda is, according to former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook in a Guardian editorial ten days before his mysterious death, a database or list of Arabs willing to work for the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad. Al Qaeda fighters are routinely treated in Israeli hospitals. They have never attacked Israel and have pledged to never do so.

ISIS was killing Christians and Muslims in Syria right along with Al Qaeda in 2013. They also killed reporters. There were two strange things about this war against Syria. The first was that myth of the moderate Muslims in the Syrian National Council. Those moderates were the people who killed priests gouging out their eyes and even beheading them in some cases. They were also the ones who uploaded videos of themselves committing random acts of cannibalism.

The other strange thing about the war against Syria was that it was predicted by Richard Perle in 1996 in a document he wrote for PM Benyamin Netanyahu called A Clean Break. In it Perle who has dual citizenship of the US and Israel said Syria should be attacked by proxy armies over the issue of chemical weapons. And that is what happened when the Obama admin falsely accused Syria of using chemical weapons against its own people. In one case Al Qaeda had kidnapped boys whose families supported President Assad from a town quite some distance from Damascus. Several days later the US Mainstream press accused Assad of using chemical weapons against these innocent young boys. The truth came out when the parents recognized the photos of their dead children who had been taken away by Al Qaeda several days earlier. The children were in reality killed by mercenaries who were paid salaries by American taxpayers to kill them.

The Clean Break document also recommended regime change in Iraq which Bush did do based upon lies told by Israel to the US government with the aid of the Jewish Lobby. The mostly Jewsih controlled press did not point out the obvious lies the Jews were telling to get that war going. It seems both the press and the Democrats and the Republicans were eager to go to war for Israel.

ISIS emerged with astounding initial success. They had American weapons and training. They somehow were given a large number of vehicles and entered Iraq as a long caravan of cars and trucks headed to Mosul. Obama had taken money for F-16s to be sold to Iraq but refused to deliver them. Obama wanted Iraq to be defenseless. He refused to use American jets to attack the ISIS column when it first crossed the border. Iraq has since bought Russian SU-25s and hired retired Syrian pilots. When ISIS arrived at Mosul, they stole money and gold. They set up tolls on the roads. And they captured oil. ISIS makes $3 million a day selling oil. They even have a website in Indonesia where you can buy Jihadi tee-shirts and gifts.

There is something odd about the leader of ISIS. He is now known as Abu Bakr Al  Baghdadi. He used to be known as Simon Elliot. But he was born Elliot Shimon. Both his mother and father are Jewish. He is thought to be a Mossad agent which would explain his reluctance to attack Israel and to kill his fellow Jews. It has been said that Mr Shimon might attack and destroy an American city. I doubt that it would be New York. The Jews of Israel have too many relatives there. Chicago is possible especially if it were early in the morning before the Jews drove into the city. It would kill lots of blacks and train blacks everywhere people to hate Muslims.

But Las Vegas offers intriguing possibilities for Mr Shimon. He needs something more spectacular than 911. How about blowing up casinos  on a Jewish holiday? The Jewish casino owners could collect their insurance money and head to Israel. And if he took out Hoover dam, all those illegal aliens in California would have to ration water and electricity. That would train the Hispanics to hate Muslims. It could cause a major stock market crash which would allow the Bankers to shift blame from them to ISIS.

I make no predictions but I do hope that none of these possible events come to pass. We need to laugh Mr Elliot Shimon and his collection of crazies off the world stage. We ought to aid Syria and Iraq to take out ISIS. And we ought to help rebuild both Syria and Iraq.

ISIS is very savvy in its Internet campaigns. They use twitter bots to make it appear that they have more support than they do. They must have learned that lesson from Obama who has more than 18 million fake twitter accounts. ISIS recently threatened a suicide truck bomb attack against the Southpark mall in Charlotte North Carolina. The sad point is that there are deranged Muslims who will do the bidding of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi. But how many Muslims would be willing to die for Mr Elliot Shimon and Mossad? We need to spread the truth about Mr Shimon and the Mossad far and wide.

If ISIS is laughed off the stage, the only other credible enemy will be on our southern border. This enemy was imported to America by Obama or more precisely by his handlers. All American Presidents since 1989 have been CIA assets. Open Borders will equalize crime rates and wages between Mexico and the United States. This will prepare Americans to join the North American Union which is to merge with the European Union to form the basis of the New World Order. American wages have been declining ever since Bill Clinton passed NAFTA with the help of Newt Gingrich. They closed more than 56,000 manufacturing plants and shipped 12 million jobs overseas.

The crime rate has dropped 20% in Central America because they are sending their criminals here. The FBI gang survey in 2011 said there were 1.4 million gang members in America growing at 40% every 4 years. The projected number of gang members would have been 1,960,000 some time in 2015 before Obama opened the Borders. We will certainly pass 2 million by 2016. Mexican gangs are already making lists of cops to kill when the think they reach the day America is too weak to resist their take over. These are the same Mexican gangs who took on the Colombian gangs and won.

The Mexican gangs will be aided by traitors within the US government. The Bankers launder a trillion a year in illegal drugs and weapons sales. They also launder $500 billion a year in bribes. Bribery is good for business if you are promoting the NWO and demand the destruction of America. Assassination of cops, politicians, judges and prosecutors will silence tens of thousands. Most of those 2 million gang members will either be illegal aliens or their children. And all that drug money spread around local politicians and police departments will transform America overnight.

Obama as I have been saying for some time is prepping you for multiple Race Wars. Hispanics versus blacks in the Southwest.  Minorities against whites everywhere when the Dollar Dies.

If Obama does declare martial law when the Dollar Dies, I would hope that the US military takes the opportunity to arrest the Bankers and to seize their assets. The Bankers have stolen more than $40 trillion from us. If we seized that money, we could fund Cancellation of all federal, state and local government debts. We could also issue a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks and make government debt illegal. We could also give every adult citizen $20,000 to credit against their debts or towards their retirement.

We do not need to go to war against Mr Elliot Shimon and his ISIS thugs. And we certainly do not need Nationwide Food Riots and multiple Race Wars when the dollar is devalued after the Petrodollar comes to an end.

What we do need is an end to the lies, the corruption and the treason.

(There is a video below which you might share. It does not mention Israel and the Bankers as being the source of our wars but it is quite worthwhile.)


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  1. Anyone who doesn’t understand by now what’s happening in this country is beyond hope. If they didn’t “wake up” by now they’re not going to, because they don’t want to. There’s nothing you can do but let them suffer the fate they’ve chosen for themselves.

    Everyone else should be preparing to fight off what is obviously becoming a full-scale attack against the American people, their way of life, and their country.

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