Federal Crackdown on Domestic Medical Marijuana Industry

The federal government is cracking down on medical marijuana growers, emphasizing its efforts in California and spreading the crackdown to the other fourteen states where the use and production of medical marijuana has been legalized.  The reasoning that is being put forth is that the marijuana being grown in the states where it is legal to do so, is being transported and sold throughout the country.

We all remember Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign promise saying that he and his federal government would leave the medical marijuana states alone.  So what has changed?  I wanted to get to the truth, so I went to the trenches.  I talked to several growers, both commercial and private, and this is what I found.

There are two factions who are pushing for the federal raids.  One consists of the corporations that want to take over the medical marijuana industry, which is now producing tens of millions of dollars in profits.  These people want to push for further regulation that will make the production and sale of marijuana only open to those with enough money to finance the largest operations, like the pharmaceutical companies.

The other faction causing the crackdown is the United States drug cartel, led by the insurgent traitor, Barack Obama.  You see we Americans have a knack for producing better products than anyone else in the world through our innovation, research, and eye for detail, and evidently marijuana is no exception.  Through our free exchange of ideas and cannabis strains, we grow the finest marijuana in the world.  And even though it costs more it is preferred by the consumer.  Thus our homegrown product, pun intended, is cutting in on the sales of the marijuana coming out of Mexico, and as the drug kingpin Barack Obama considers the United States to be his exclusive territory, he is sending out his street thugs to crush the competition.  And of course he is being backed by the international corporate mafia as any and all sales of the American produced marijuana represents wealth they do not control.

I have to believe that every marijuana producer and consumer will be making it a priority to get out the vote for Ron Paul for president in 2012 as he has made it clear that he supports our right to consume whatever we please.  And of course our right to produce our own products free of the corporate mafia owned federal government.

Whether or not you use marijuana, or any other drug for that matter, you should at least consider the fact that our government chooses to crack down on our own citizens, hurting local economies in the process, while turning a blind eye to the foreign drug products pouring over our southern border which represents billions of untaxed dollars flowing from our economy into Mexico, and South and Central America.

Not to mention we are being forced to finance both sides of a $40 billion per year drug war that represents nothing more than an exclusive on the illegal drug industry being given to the United States government drug cartel, which is working in conjunction with other government drug cartels around the world.

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  1. Boycott alcohol, pharmaceutical & tobacco corporations because they are forcing the Feds to shut down medical marijuana shops and growers. Different herbs can cure or treat many things find out what they are and buy them. Grow grow tobacco & make your own alcohol at home. We do not need that corporate poison in our veins.

    1. If only I had the knowledge of the American Native Indians herbal secrets. They lived long healthy lives by chemically understanding plants, and which ones cured what. They would feel ill, walk out into the wilderness, pick a plant and cure themselves. Friggin amazing!

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