Occupy Wall Street – Today, 9-24-11

This is the live stream of the occupy wall street group of a women being arrested for no reason just for asking not to be touched while walking during the protest.

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Watch the live feed and get involved!!!!


and the website:


0 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street – Today, 9-24-11

    1. Angel-

      Sorry, I was out getting a sandwich. Try the MSNBC web-site and send to Al Sharpton direct . Or better yet try here. I will keep looking for a better contact.


      Try here Angel


      And here is his radio show

      http://www.syndication1.com/al.htm or here (This is probably your best shot, this guy is hard to contact) http://nationalactionnetwork.net/about/contact-us/

      1. Thanks, Mark. I called his National Action network Offices, but everything was shut down for the weekend. I’m going to keep calling and personally go to the office on Monday. Never cared much for him in the past but, right now, I see him as almost our only shot at getting word out. We’ll see. It’s worth a shot. Through my window, I’m looking at 2 helicopters hovering over the Union Sq. area right now. I’ve tried to watch the live feed. Don’t know if it’s Safari or my ancient computer (Mac), but I’m having problems with it.

          1. Listen to the radio scanner channels I gave you above, First link.If that isn’t working try the second. Just click on the little speaker on the left. Everything should start to work automatically. This should put you right into the NYPD radio dispatch system.

        1. I followed through with the National Action Network. Now, it’s in the Rev.’s court. We’ll see what (if anything) he does. If anyone out there would like to call, the toll free number is: 1-877-626-4651

          1. Thanks. Interesting and very comforting as well.

            Thank God our law enforcement agencies are protecting us from these militant and violently sociopathic insurgents..if not for these selfless, heroic public servants the progress toward the “transformation of America” as it develops into an oppressive, communist police state in which life for the common citizen is a totally hopeless reality of subservience and inescapable slavery could be seriously threatened! Whew! What a relief!

  1. Citizens rounded up and caged like cattle. What’s next? Shoot them and ask questions later? Oh, that’s right, they’ll have the “authority” to shoot with no questions. This kind of tyranny is terrifying!

    1. Yes, that is what’s next. Unfortunately, it seems that violence is the only thing that rates Media coverage. We cannot allow this to happen in our country. Look out ’60s, here we come. We ain’t seen noth’n yet.

      1. Actually, Angel I fear what’s coming is going to make the 60’s look like a Mr.Rogers show. We are heading back to the times of the inquisition.

        Young people have more life ahead of them and therefore everything to lose. They also have more fight in them and they are going to get really pissed off as they realize with increasing clarity exactly what is being done to them. At this point it is still unbelievable…something like a horrible car crash until it actually happens. We are looking at a real oncoming train here. Yeah…”we ain’t seen noth’n yet”!


          1. Whooppee! Welcome back Beelzebub…great to see you! Oh well…I guess you have to get out of the closet too…after all…you’ve got rights just like everybody else…except protestors of course.

  2. The difference between now and the 60’s is that the bankers have pushed the agenda of world domination to the end game.The shit will hit the fan.Bring it on.Let’s get it over with.I’ll stand for American freedom.You stand for global domination.We’re sick of your shit.Time to see who’s left standing.

    1. Yeah, Carl…we can stay in denial only so long. Personally I’m just taking one day at a time trying to not die inside of despair and disgust.

  3. Brian,unlike Bill Clinton,I truly feel your pain.It pisses me off that my 5 year old son is endebted to the Fed for a quarter million.I don’t know where he got all that credit.And when I look around the house I can’t figure out where the hell he spent it all.Central banks have to go ,along with those who run them.Hang in there,my friend.

    1. Thanks…you too.This really stinks.

      Here’s a verse from something I wrote recently. Thought I’d put it up…it is meant to express the part of the puzzle I just can’t find:

      “When the ship goes down
      The unequal drown equally
      In the same dark waters”

      What happened to Louis the 16th, Hitler, Mussolini, Caligula AND family….etc….etc…etc….

      Evil just never sees itself for what it is….that must be the reason it is never truly banished.


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