Off-duty NY Cop Accidentally Shoots Himself And His 3-year-old Son While Unloading Firearm

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And some say that citizens aren’t responsible enough to own firearms in a safe way. Here is a bit of proof that illustrates that the 4 Rules of Gun Safety is to be followed by everyone at all times, regardless of your background with firearms.

The off-duty Metropolitan Transportation Authority police officer has been identified through our sources as Jon Gigantiello, and this incident is being called an accident A NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE. Before I even get into the specifics of this incident, let’s be perfectly clear that ‘accidental discharges’ do not ever happen. If a firearm goes off unintentionally, it is called a negligent discharge. There needs to be a stronger emphasis on this, as wording plays an important role in the public perception of firearms. You cannot be injured from a firearm going off by having an accident. You can however, be injured from a firearm if you are negligent.  

Now that I’ve successfully beaten that to death…

This past Tuesday, police were called to a home after reports of a child being injured by a firearm. His father, Jon Gigantiello, was unloading his firearm when it went off. Sources say that the bullet managed to hit Gigantiello in the hand, and then made it’s way to his son.

Sal Arena, a spokesman for the MTA, said in a statement to Eyewitness News:

“We are aware of the shooting incident involving the off-duty MTA police officer which is being investigated by the Suffolk County Police Department. The MTA PD Internal Affairs Bureau will investigate once the Suffolk PD completes its investigation.

Both were taken to a nearby hospital and were listed in stable condition.

I hate to single this guy out, but it’s important to talk about these things as they happen. Whether you’ve been handling firearms for a year or 60 years, you should always be adhering to the rules of safety. There are only four.

I have had friends poke fun at me while at the range. They’ll let me fire one of their guns and they will show me it’s clear. As soon as they set it down, I will pick it up and immediately check to ensure that it’s clear. And guess what; if I set it down for a secondand pick it right back up again, I’m checking it once more to ensure that it’s clear.

Follow the rules at all times and no one gets hurt.

3 thoughts on “Off-duty NY Cop Accidentally Shoots Himself And His 3-year-old Son While Unloading Firearm

  1. ” Sources say that the bullet managed to hit Gigantiello in the hand,”

    And his hand was in front of the barrel when he was unloading it because…….?

  2. We are talking here about a people as a group. Who have yet to learn to park a car. And still have permits to do so and are gave a tax payer payed for car to drive. Were they go down and as a curtisey are just handed a permit with out the test. And they are allowed to have guns?? As well. I see a problem here on there ability to follow any rule at all! And there is the problem with the American police. You have a people who can not follow rules or instuctions out on your streets thinking they are the law. And going home and thinking the same while breaking every rule there is and dishing every law you have there. And being allowed to by those above them.

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