Officers Respond to LAX Shots Fired Report

NBC News – by Jonathan Lloyd and Nyree Arabian

A gunman opened fire at a security checkpoint Friday morning at Los Angeles International Airport, injuring a Transportation Security Administration employee and prompting a terminal evacuation.

A TSA spokesperson told NBC4 the shooting occurred at a security checkpoint. A traveler told NBC4 she heard gunfire in Tom Bradley Terminal, where she was preparing to board a flight to Mexico aboard Virgin America.  

A medical triage area was established outside the terminal.

“We were just standing there and someone started shooting,” witness Nick Pugh said. “I heard a total of maybe eight or 10 shots fired.”

Details regarding the status of the gunman were not immediately available. Pugh told NBC4 he believes the gunman was in custody.

LAPD issued a tactical alert. Aerial video showed travelers running from the Tom Bradley Terminal, where passengers depart and arrive for international flights.

Aerial video showed officers escorting people — some in wheelchairs — from the terminal. Several ambulances responded to the location on the departure level.

Roads near the airport are closed for the investigation. As incoming flights land, they are subject to a ground-stop order.


11 thoughts on “Officers Respond to LAX Shots Fired Report

  1. Hey everyone,
    keep your eyes open for a video of this from FAUX news. What I saw “live” was supposed to be a wounded TSA agent in a wheelchair. That is what FAUX said, WHAT I SAW WAS A HALLOWEEN SCARECROW IN A tsa UNIFORM IN THE WHEELCHAIR!

    Looks like a false flag falling apart just minutes after it supposedly happened.

    1. What I saw, also on Fox News, was one person identified as a gunshot victim with no shirt put on a gurney without any sign of blood. And another ushered down the sidewalk holding up his left hand that had what appeared to be blood on it. If this was a gunshot wound, it wasn’t much of one as at the end of his journey, he clearly uses the hand to grip a clipboard.
      Looking pretty phony to me.

        1. I wonder if TPTB will remember to include time stamp and location data like on real security cameras this time?

        1. I just heard the same witness that was on an LA station talking to shep. Shep had to give him the script. The guy claimed assault rifle and sweat pants on the LA station. Shep told him camo pants and he changed his story. Script??

  2. This shooting just happened 45 minutes ago.
    The propagandist Shepard Smith just said, “This is going to affect all of our lives.”
    This is a false flag.

  3. MSLSD and CANNEDNN seem to be using the same live feed. And nearly verbatim script.
    I’m afraid of shutting down a computer or TV, the smoke and mirrors are nearly overwhelming. The BS they are spewing contains too much detail for an active crime scene as it is happening.
    They really do believe we are stupid!!

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