Pat Boone Introducing The Holyland Dream

Pat Boone doing the shuck and jive to sell pieces of Israel. And some evangelicals wonder why people do not take them seriously. This is nothing but psycho-babble from a pitchman. Billy Hayes (oxyclean, etc.) would be proud!!!

I have considered Pat Boone irrelevant for a very long time and he just keeps proving my point, Thanks Pat!!

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And for a small additional co-pay, we’ll sprinkle your lot with the ash of dead Palestinian children shot on their way to school!

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Published on Nov 29, 2012 by holylanddream

3 thoughts on “Pat Boone Introducing The Holyland Dream

  1. Hey pat boone, never liked ya and now like ya even less. How about you take yourself and you spawn family and just go over there and stay there with your “heimie” freinds

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