OMG: James O’Keefe confronts trans Pentagon employee who said 2A should be repealed, border opened

By Hayden Cunningham – The Postmillennial

OMG: James O'Keefe confronts trans Pentagon employee who said 2A should be repealed, border opened

The latest video released by James O’Keefe’s O’Keefe Media Group details the shocking beliefs of a transgender Pentagon official who believes that the Second Amendment should be repealed, all guns should be confiscated, and the border opened.

In a parody of a Black Mirror episode, O’Keefe confronts Grey by showing the undercover footage of their previous conversation where Grey confesses to a desire to repeal the Second Amendment and “take all the guns away.” Grey, holding a position at the Department of Defense and possessing security clearance, is shown in the video making these alarming statements.

After realizing that Grey is speaking with James O’Keefe, Grey begins to quickly walk away as O’Keefe and his camera crew follow.

“You also said that you wanted to confiscate all guns, ban them all, repeal the Second Amendment. Those are pretty crazy views for someone that works inside the Department of Defense,” O’Keefe questioned Grey walked away.

O’Keefe also revealed in his video that Aidan Grey reportedly changed to that name from Jason Beck using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). According to an insider within the Department of Defense who spoke to O’Keefe, Pentagon employees apparently have the ability to change their names at will, posing a significant security risk by making it difficult to accurately identify individuals.

Furthermore, insiders have provided O’Keefe Media Group with leaked documents from annual “culture surveys” conducted as part of the Defense Organizational Climate Survey (DEOCS). These insiders allegedly reveal that all employees at the Department of Defense are required to disclose personal information, including their stance on Second Amendment rights, by entering their unique ID. This revelation has raised major concerns, with sources suggesting that it could be a means for the DoD to track and target conservative Americans within its ranks.

In response to these revelations, O’Keefe posed a poignant question to Grey: “What type of security operation are they running at the Department of Defense?” Grey did not respond.


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