Openly Carrying A Rifle In North Carolina

The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WTVR) — In the wake of the attacks the country has dealt with over the past year many people are thinking of taking their safety into their own hands.

In fact, 19-year-old John Schultz has been spending his days patrolling his Charlotte, North Carolina neighborhood with a WWII rifle strapped to his back.

Schultz said his grandfather used the gun in the war and that he is ready to keep his neighborhood safe.

However, the 19-year-old patrolling the subdivision does not sit well with everyone.

Neighbor Vanessa Aidara said the rifle frightens she and her children. She also said the it is a bad image for Walnut Creek.

“He could be good without the rifle,” Aidara said. “I think the rifle is what scares everybody because why do you need a rifle to pick up trash. Get a trash bag. “

On the other hand, Schultz said many other folks in the neighborhood thank him for his service.

“I won’t brandish a firearm or anything, I won’t chase somebody around,” he promised. “I will ask them to stop.”

So far he says he has spotted peeping toms and potential burglars, who he said ran off after seeing him. But for the most part, he’s just been picking up litter.

Police said Schultz is not breaking any laws since he’s not pointing the gun at anyone or threatening anyone with it.

I’ll let you reach your own conclusions about this specific instance.  What interests me is that North Carolina is an open carry state, and as I’ve made clear before, I openly carry at certain times.  I don’t do it to make a point.  If I am openly carryng it is usually because I am doing something where I don’t want the weapon to interfere with my movements, get in the way or get lathered up with sweat (such as IWB carry while walking my dog in the middle of the summer).  And as I’ve note before, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police wave and smile as they drive by when they observe me openly carrying a weapon.  No problems, no stops, and no women or children running or screaming in fear.  In fact, this has led to more amicable discussions with neighbors than I can count.

It isn’t always this way.  Sean Sorrentino notes an instance where the 4th Circuit had to reprimand the Charlotte Police for using openly carrying a weapon as a reason to stop an individual, even someone who later turned out to have been guilty of a crime.  Even worse, I know individuals who live around the Lake Norman / Huntersville area (North of Charlotte) who openly carry, and one particular individual has been stopped by both local and state police.  Both times the law enforcement officer unholstered his weapon and pointed at my friend for doing nothing more than walking on the sidewalk.

Note to law enforcement in North Carolina.  The answer above by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (“not breaking any laws …”) is the right one.  You cannot lawfully detain or arrest someone for openly carrying a weapon.  It is legal in North Carolina, as North Carolina is a traditional open carry state.  LEOs need to know and understand the law.  If you continue to unholster and point your weapons at someone who is behaving legally, an innocent person will eventually be harmed or killed and you will be responsible for it.  Don’t be ignorant.  Be thinking men and women.

2 thoughts on “Openly Carrying A Rifle In North Carolina

  1. Notice how the MSM is portraying him as bad and bring out this black woman who doesn’t like it. Notice how they didn’t question any neighbors that think it is good. Amazing how the MSM only thinks one way.

    Notice how the woman says, “Let the police handle it.” MSM textbook answer. I can’t wait until she gets invaded. Don’t worry, while she gets mugged and bruised, I’m sure the burglar will have no problem waiting for her to dial 911 and waiting for the police to arrive. She’s probably the only person on the block who is against it and is the only one who they could interview to portray their gun control agenda.

    The government media is losing so bad, you can clearly tell just by watching their pathetic attempts at creating stories and issues that no one cares about anymore.

    Sorry to say to the elite and the government media, but I guess you didn’t get the memo: Big Brother Government is out. Freedom and Liberty is in. You are not in control anymore. We the people are in control and we do what we please, when we please. Get used to it. This is OUR New World Order. Freedom and Liberty for ALL!!! So go stick it where the sun don’t shine, you Zionist scum!

  2. The person can be charged with “going armed in terror of the people”. It is a court ruling from 1843, not law but a ruling, but the Gestapo enforces it as LAW. I live in this stupid state. The ruling class are all ass wipes.

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