Houston police report shooting inside Bush Intercontinental Airport

KHOU News 8

HOUSTON –- A man shot himself inside Bush Intercontinental Airport in north Houston around 1:35 p.m. Thursday,  the Houston Police Department confirmed with KHOU 11 News.

The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered a ground stop at the airport for arriving air traffic.Several planes are stuck on the tarmac until the ground stop is lifted.  

The suspect walked into the security checkpoint area inside Terminal B and fired at least two shots into the air with an AR-15 rifle, according to an HPD spokesperson and witnesses.

A McDonald’s employee who works at the airport witnessed the whole thing.

“As soon as he walked in, he just automatically started shooting quickly,” said the employee named Kendra. “And we hear two shots and we just automatically started running. We ran all the way to the back.”

An air marshal fired at the suspect, but missed. The man then pulled out a pistol and shot himself, according to an HPD captain.

“We just saw the dude walking in, and he was already suicidal because he put the gun to his head,” Kendra said.

He was taken by ambulance to an area hospital but did not survive, according to police. Terminal B has been closed.

There are no other reports of injuries. But several employees and passengers were shaken by the shooting.

“It was traumatic it really was, it was too much going on. Everybody was running, and all that stuff, it was a lot going on,” Kendra said.

Dale Howard, who was at the airport to pick up his sister for a family funeral, was on the lower level when the chaos erupted.

“Right off the bat there were two shots, about an eight to 10-second delay, two more shots, a short delay, then a fifth shot,” he said.

After that, people were running in panic and trying to get out of dodge.

“There was a bunch of screaming, a bunch of people running, people coming down the escalator the wrong way getting away from it,” Howard said. “Leaving their bags on the thing, but uh, there was a banner up there and I really couldn’t see who was involved but police came out of the headquarters up there and I directed them up stairs.”

Terminal B has been closed while police investigate the shooting scene. They’ve already located one bullet in the ceiling, according to an HPD source.

The FBI is assisting with the investigation.

Terminal B has been closed while police investigate the shooting scene. They’ve already located one bullet in the ceiling, according to an HPD source.


11 thoughts on “Houston police report shooting inside Bush Intercontinental Airport

  1. Sounds like a zombi thing.Why would you shoot the ceiling four times then shoot you’re self in the head? Nuts.

    1. Yup. Sounds like an MKUltra incident. How many people did the “air marshal” endanger with his shots, I wonder.

      Or was Steven Spielberg there directing this one, too? Script: The man was shooting at the invasion of the pressure cookers coming through the ceiling of terminal B at Houston Intercontinental Airport, and when the man realized he couldn’t win the battle with the pressure cookers he took his own life rather than be pressure cooked alive.

      The matrix has gone insane.

      1. Hilarious dude; “invasion of the pressure cookers” Yep, it was tooo much pressure, so he was pressured into killing himself.”

        Seriously, 2 weeks ago after the Boston hoax-a-thon pressure cooker “murders,” I felt such overwhelming, well let’s just say: “shame,” that I took my pressure cooker down to the cops to turn it in, so it would not kill anyone. Now, they are using it to make donuts.

        They asked if I had any guns to turn in, and I said “no, I melted those down to save lives in Sandy Hook 1,000 miles away.” They looked at me like I was crazy.

        1. Oh LOL that’s too funny! I don’t mean to be insensitive but you have to laugh! ‘They’ are desperate.

          1. Dear Sue, Please!

            Stop “disrespecting” those who never died, or for that matter, did not even exist.

            It’s not nice to make fun of people who don’t even exist. How would you feel if you never existed and someone made fun of you, particularly someone who also never existed, making fun of you, just for not existing? Know what I mean?


            Thanks JM

  2. I’m sorry but how does a guy with an AR-15 get all the way to security at gate B without some anti-gun pussie not screaming like a banshie.No one noticed from the front door to the gate that this guy had a rifle? I mean i know this is Texas and all but but they do have anti-gun wimps there too and he went undetected? BS.

    1. Coming soon from the fbi mouthpieces :

      The [has-to-be-a-guy-with-a-Muslim-name – let’s just use “mohammed” this time] “terrorist” was outfitted with an AR-15 just like at sandy HOAX!””

      “Wait, it was a shotgun!”

      “Wait I mean a Glock and a Sig!”

      “Wait I mean an AR-15 that acts like a shotgun, if you put it in a trunk.”

      “Wait I mean four handguns and no AR-15.”

      “Hell I don’t know. Stay tuned for a report from the “coroner” we have on hand for our Houston psyops.”

      News Flash!!! McIsrael, I mean McDonalds [who supports israel like starbucks does] in under shelter-in-place. Don’t even try to leave to go to Burger King!!!

      7,800,000 hollow points have just been ordered for Houston airport, along with a free class at Frontsight for the guy who missed the “shooter”!

  3. This makes sense. A guy with an slides into the one place they never check for guns; an airport. He decides to sneak another one of those damn pesky AR-15’s by the tsa molesters, who, after watching the sandy hoax show training film, thought it was only a shotgun.

    Then he opens up on the “air.” Which could easily foster a charge of “attempted murder of molecules.” Which can get you LIFE, in a science class in Texas.

    Then a government hero, who trained at the “RCSTS,” you know, the Ray Charles School of Tactical Shooting, opens up on the “shooter” with his gun, and somehow misses, despite his training.

    Next one person named “Kendra” saw all of this, as she ran to “the back” of the McIsraels she works for [Mickey D’s supports israel, just like starbucks]. How deep is an airport McIsrael? Instead of joining the defensive assault by the tactical shooter dropout, by feeding the guy a couple of GMO Macs, 3 large fries, a large shake, and 2 apple pies, and therefore killing him with a Cerebral Vascular Accident, oh I mean a stroke, she ran. I understand, guns are very scary, especially when the tsa has them.

    The the “shooter” feels so bad over trying to kill the air, he kills himself.

    Maybe he WAS out of ammo though, especially 5.56 or .223’s….

    Who writes these scripts?

    Is Timothy Leary still alive, or did he have a kid who grew up as a writer, with all three of his fathers chromosomes [took me over 4 times to spell that damn word correctly] in his gene pool: an “X,” a “Y” and the new one shaped like a “?” after doing 6,000 hits of red sunshine?

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