Out of control cops on power trips now murdering daily with free-range

Out of control cops on power trips now murdering daily with free-rangeIntellihub

As the economic collapse deepens and things spiral further out of control, deadly confrontations with police will be a norm in vast cities across America.

In fact, police nowadays are so scarred and have been trained by such scum and so mentally and physically weak, that they will fire on anyone for anything, including a mini-van full of kids.  

Amazingly, videos are popping up like Pop Tarts on YouTube as bystanders with smartphones are now everywhere.

Here are a few recent cases in which cops have murdered, injured or harassed innocent people as they feel above the law:

Another, where a traffic stop takes a nasty turn:

To make matters worse, we find that it’s not just cowardly cops that are murdering, it’s also the F.B.I..

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reports:

We must demand accountability.

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9 thoughts on “Out of control cops on power trips now murdering daily with free-range

  1. Yea, violence and cops remind me of a addiction, it starts out small and then it grows like a virus and before you know it they – the cops – have it and they think that they all can do it with out fear of persecution or fear pf repercussions.
    Yea years ago you would hear about police brutality cases once in a great while in large towns, but now days it – police brutality and murder – has infected every town in america both large and small and people have been letting toe LEO`s get away with it so now the cops do it because they know/think that they can get away with it just like a addiction. Well their time is about to explode in their LEO POS faces.

    1. Police violence has always been a double-edged sword… the blade just hasn’t returned to cut in the other direction, yet.

      1. Yes it has been a double edge sword, they just haven`t been so out of control like they have gotten to be now days. They realy are out of control and they do not care.

  2. Hey, most of the time, these poor cops are forced to take paid vacations while their crimes are being whitewashed…..er I mean “investigated”.

    It’s a sick joke. 99% of the time they get ZERO punishment for their crimes.

  3. There’s going to be sparks called vengeance and anger
    that’ll light every cop on fire across the country.

    It’s up to the sovereign people to stop this.
    And stop it they will.


  4. They are probably being given the green light to help reduce the population. The psychopathic elite need as much senseless killing as possible so they can move on to their new world. Some day there will be robocops. All these movies that came out in the 80s about machines that seemed laughable at the time are starting to become reality.

  5. I will never defend any behavior by cops unless it is respectful, that is, knowing they are public servants. But I wonder if some (not all but some) of this psychopathic behavior is guided by personal vendettas? Are some cop victims those who at some time in the cop’s life bullied the cop when the cop was a little kid or had arguments with cops at parties or the cop likes one NFL team and the victim likes a division rival?

    A few years ago I heard a story from a relative in New York where a cop, a Jets fan, hurt some guy while giving him a speeding ticket, where the victim was a Giants fan…the cop and the victim knew each other as well. Being from NY originally I know for a fact Jets and Giants fans sometimes hate each other…

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