Outlawing Guns and Making Illegals Legal

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Two issues which have occupied the political spotlight almost constantly during the Obama presidency have been gun rights and illegal immigration.  While our right to own firearms is supposed to be guaranteed by the Second Amendment, dating back to the founding of our nation, we also have laws barring illegal entry by foreign entities into our nation, which is something we share with virtually every other country in existence.  Ironically, the focus of liberals and the current administration is to illegally strip us of our constitutional right to bear arms, while simultaneously refusing to arrest and deport illegal aliens.

Illegal immigration has been problematic in the United States for decades, largely because we have long been the greatest nation on Earth.  If they had the choice, upwards of 90% of the planet’s population would be inside our borders this minute.  We can’t blame people for wanting to live here, but neither can we allow everyone who wants into America to cross into our nation on their terms.  The threat of terrorism alone should be enough to convince everyone that we need to control and monitor foreign entry into our country, but somehow it has not.  Whether they are terrorists or casual criminals, illegal aliens are entering our nation and killing our citizens.

Almost every other nation on the planet, civilized or not, takes action to deter illegal entry.  Our problem is that we encourage it.  Not only does the federal government entirely refuse to enforce existing immigration laws, but—as was the case with Arizona in 2012—they will sue a state trying to enforce these immigration laws and will take them all the way to the Supreme Court in order to stop them!  In most cases, the government is not only aware of our illegal citizens, but actively integrating them into society as if they were no different from anyone else.  In fact, they tend to be even more privileged than most American citizens.  Illegals have had free rein for years to abuse our health care system, leech off government entitlements, and generally ignore laws which legal residents must obey upon penalty of imprisonment.

Some localized areas do make a serious effort to stop illegal immigration, like in the case of the heroic Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  Others, such as New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, have gone the exact opposite direction with the establishment of so-called “sanctuary cities.”  Yes, in New York City it is illegal to smoke cigarettes, purchase a soft drink over sixteen ounces, or even offer table salt in a restaurant, but it is perfectly fine for a foreign citizen to live there illegally and sponge off city services and legal residents.

And we should not have to remind anyone that New York City was ground zero for the 9/11 attacks of 2001, perpetrated by foreign nationals no one was keeping an eye on.  One would think New Yorkers, more than most, should know better.

Illegal immigrants, by definition, are here illegally.  They are criminals, and in many cases, that is just one of their crimes.  Identity theft and a host of other such felonies are almost essential secondary crimes necessary to support this lifestyle, and they are inherently harmful to legal citizens.  When an American’s social security number is stolen by a Mexican national, this is not a victimless crime.  Neither is a car accident caused by an illegal driving without insurance, which often exceeds mere financial damages and results in injury or death.  The list goes on, and it includes violent crime such as rape and murder.  By encouraging illegal immigration and then refusing to even keep track of illegal criminals (redundant, yes, I know), the government is effectively complicit in every such instance of criminal conduct.

Now, rather than cracking down on a subculture of known criminals, the Obama administration is focusing on taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding American citizens.  Guns don’t kill people, but illegal immigrants often do.  American citizens need our guns, in large part to defend ourselves from criminals the government is knowingly allowing to illegally enter our neighborhoods and victimize us.  Also, due to the fallout of Operation Fast & Furious, we need them to defend ourselves from assault weapons the Obama administration purposefully placed in the hands of Mexican drug cartels to murder at least one border agent already.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are creating executive orders which make it illegal for any of us to possess handguns capable of firing more than a few bullets, even as they oversee government programs dedicated to arming Mexican criminals with American assault rifles.

Our own government is taking our guns with one hand and shielding criminals with the other.  Their answer to crime is to legalize criminals and strip law-abiding citizens of our primary means of defense.  They are attempting to grant amnesty and legal status to illegal immigrants—whom we are now asked to refer to as “undocumented citizens”—while simultaneously branding licensed gun owners as reprehensible lowlifes.

True, many illegal immigrants have simply come here seeking a better life and are not a malicious danger to legal American citizens.  However, the vast majority of firearms in the United States are also in the possession of responsible citizens who hope they never have to use them against a fellow human being.  I would submit that the average illegal immigrant has a far greater likelihood of inflicting bodily harm or emotional trauma on an innocent person than does the average armed American citizen.

Many of the same politicians now scheming to rid the streets of all “illegal” guns are the very same politicians who always tell us it is ridiculous to think we can arrest and deport all illegal immigrants.  If they can’t manage a few million illegal immigrants, how could they possibly plan to account for an infinite number of firearms?  The truth is that they can’t, and they know this, but they can disarm a large number of good people while also blurring the lines between “citizen” and “criminal.”

It is a difficult truth to accept, but our government is openly working on behalf of the forces of evil to destroy the rights and personal liberties of decent Americans.  The unprecedented sale of guns since the election of Barack Obama, and particularly over the past few weeks, shows that many citizens are now keenly aware of this.  We can expect no help from the federal government, and should in fact expect just the opposite.  Now, more than ever before, it falls upon every good citizen to protect themselves and their families, because Barack Obama and the federal government are acting against us, and we must be prepared to respond in kind.


2 thoughts on “Outlawing Guns and Making Illegals Legal

  1. I know. How ironic is it that if the government and MSM media are portraying that America is being invaded by terrorists in this country, then shouldn’t we be protecting our borders instead of bringing illegals in and making them legal.

    Talk about messed up. I mean it’s not rocket science. Common sense is way out the window here. Let’s see….if I have 2 and 2, I must have 5! Yea, that’s it! (sarcasm) Ugh! God help this country.

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