Owner of online gun store helped capture carjacking suspect

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My Fox Houston  At the corner of Champions Forest and FM 1960, a north Houston crime spree came to an end.

After a short pursuit and subsequent crash of a stolen vehicle, Harris County Precinct 4 County Constables captured three adults and a juvenile accomplice.

Investigators believe the suspects committed a half dozen violent carjackings in a matter of six hours.

“If you want a definition of why we build prisons in Texas, it’s because of these four individuals.  These guys are violent individuals,” said Chief Mark Herman.

Aiding in the apprehension was Ryan Hansen, a civilian fire arms instructor who witnessed the crash and watched the occupants flee.

“I realized suddenly that they were being chased,” said Hansen.

That’s when Hansen decided to put the concealed carry lessons he teaches at the range into real-life practice.

“As I was running after him, I was able to draw my weapon and get him to the ground and hold him there until a police officer could come and grab him,” said Hansen.

Do those licensed to carry have a lawful right to draw their weapon, even if their own life is not being threatened?

FOX 26 Legal expert Chris Tritico says in this case, the act of pulling a pistol is protected.

“Under Texas law, you have the right to use deadly force to protect someone else’s property.  If some one is committing an immediate breach of the peace, a felony or fleeing from theft, as in this case, you have a right to stop them and use deadly force if you have to,” said Tritico.

“He made a citizen’s arrest which is legal in Texas.  He helped us out and we’re thankful,” agreed Chief Herman who believes the suspected carjackers are responsible for dozens of violent crimes across the Houston area.

5 thoughts on “Owner of online gun store helped capture carjacking suspect

  1. I can see it now, a bunch of vigilante concealed hand gun carriers doing something like this to the wrong person and the guilty gets away, but if course the cop will promote this action because they will not have to chase the suspect as far or as long. I just do not think any body should be doing the police work for the cops let the cops do their own work – that`s what they get payed to do!

      1. True. But as long as this is not on a consistent basis. (which, unfortunately, it will probably become, given the police attitude these days.)

    1. I agree with ya, Digs. If these idiots did their job, we wouldn’t have to do their job for them and there is always the risk of catching the wrong guy and then that person gets blamed for it and lawsuits galore start to appear. It just leads to that gray area, ya know.

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