PA Mother Gives Birth In Tesla With Car On Autopilot: Reports

Patch – by Justin Heinze

WAYNE, PA — A Pennsylvania mother gave birth in her car while it was on autopilot on the way to the hospital, according to multiple reports.

Her husband put their Tesla into self-driving mode so he could help deliver their child before they arrived, according to the Today Show.

Yiran Sherry, 33, of Wayne, had her water break while she was doing laundry one September morning, reports state, and her and her husband Keating and their young child Rafa headed for the hospital.

However, they hit rush hour traffic on their way to Paoli Hospital, the Daily Mail reports. As Yiran recounts:

“We assumed we were going to make it. I remember telling Keating, ‘I think her head is coming out. I think her heading is coming out.’ But I was so focused on the map, where we are on the screen. Also, I’m like, ‘Should I push or hold it? Should I push or hold it? What should I do?’ I just felt like I think I’m supposed to push with each contraction. That’s how all the movies and TV shows do it.”

Keating reportedly said he was still focused on the road with autopilot on but was able to offer some assistance as the baby was delivered, arriving just as they pulled into the hospital and bringing the “surreal” experience to an unexpectedly speedy close.

The child, Maeve, was born healthy. Nurses at the hospital quickly had another name for her: “Tesla baby.”


3 thoughts on “PA Mother Gives Birth In Tesla With Car On Autopilot: Reports

  1. Could have been a dual Darwin Award winner …
    I think we’re past the breeding of idiots stage , and not a care to the possibility this could impact another person , if things got out of hand
    I wonder how long it will be , before we all die off out of stupidity ?

  2. Pure theater! How sad then that so many compliant slaves will believe this was a real event – the same ones that are constantly clawing at us to drag us with them into the sheer future hell their masters have planned for them.

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