11 thoughts on “Pan Handlers on I95 south right before GW bridge.

    1. “God bless you. I’m homeless and hungry. Please can you help me out. Thank you, may God bless you.”

  1. Around a year ago there was a man, woman, & children on a corner near a shopping complex holding a please help sign. Immediately I knew they were NOT Americans, then proceeded to get angry that they were preying on us, Americans. The person I was with got out of the car, walked over & handed the illegal beggars $50.00. They spoke not a lick of English. Foreigners they were & making a heck of alot of bucks.

    This guy in the photo is dark skinned. Could he be one of the illegals from Africa that crossed through the Rio Grande?

    We gotta be sharp because there are so many from all over.

  2. Anymore, unless I’m positive, folks are gonna have to prove they speak clear English before I give.

    Had a different incident in a Walmart lot about 2.5 yrs. ago. Foreigners again leaching on Americans! Frankly, I’m fed up with it!

    1. Dont know, never have taken it that far in. Only I95 to I95, north to south no toll that way. I’ve taken it the other direction with the heavy toll but never branched off into the city. Suicide in one of these 75 foot long semis.

      Yes it does I just checked, you can branch off on to Harlem river road if your coming from the south.

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