Passengers to be arrested for not showing their ID’s


Welcome to ‘nightmare 2017’ where police in Arizona can arrest and fine passengers $750.00 for not showing their photo ID’s.

Arizona’s House Bill 2305 would make it a crime for passengers to decline to provide a photo ID to police. Passengers who fail to provide an ID could be sentenced to four months in jail and a $750.00 fine.  

Six days ago, the House Panel ok’d the bill allowing cops to demand passengers show their ID.

“A person other than the driver of a motor vehicle who fails or refuses to provide evidence of the person’s evidence ofidentity to a peace officer or a duly authorized agent of a traffic enforcement agency on request, when such officer or agent has reasonable cause to believe the person has committed a violation of this title, is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.”

It makes one wonder, if Sheriff Joe Arpaio isn’t still in office.

Meter maids can arrest passengers

The Bill goes on to explain, that meter maids (parking enforcement officers) and traffic cops can DEMAND to see a passengers ID.

“A peace officer or duly authorized agent of a traffic enforcement agency may give the signal or instruction required by subsection A of this section by hand, emergency light, voice, whistle or siren.”

Wouldn’t this also mean, passengers in buses, trains, taxis and UBER’s are required to show their ID’s?

Rep. Richard Andrade warned, a bicyclist who rolls through a crosswalk could be arrested if they don’t have an ID. Rep. Noel Campbell warned, the way the Bill is worded, children and teens could be fined for not carrying their ID’s.

“This proposal [Bill] takes us one step closer to a society in which we’re required to carry identification whenever we leave our homes” said Steve Kilar, spokesperson with the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona.

The ACLU is right, this is the very definition of a police state!

Politician claims forcing passengers to show ID’s is about  safety

We want to make sure passengers identify themselves correctly in any vehicle that’s stopped by a police officer,” said Rep. Anthony Kern, R-Glendale, the sponsor of House Bill 2305. “This is about giving officers the ability to do their job correctly. An officer needs to know who is in the vehicle. It’s about safety, from an officer’s standpoint.”

How can they get away with it you ask? DHS/Police exploit a loophole which claims, it’s a privilege to drive in America. (click here to learn more.)

Because driving is a privilege, police are allowed to conduct over TEN different types of checkpoints, force driver’s to breath into a breathalyzer, draw a person’s blood by force and Taser or shoot innocent passengers. By the end of this year, cops will force motorists to breath into pot breathalyzers.

How long will it take, for police to require passengers across the country to carry ID’s, two maybe three years?

Below are some videos of police demanding passengers show an ID:

17 thoughts on “Passengers to be arrested for not showing their ID’s

  1. Yeah?

    well F you , gimme the 4 months and good luck with the 750$

    and when I sue you , I’ll remember the 4 months and where you live , sound good?

    “How can they get away with it you ask? DHS/Police exploit a loophole which claims, it’s a privilege to drive in America”… umm yeah drive you asshole , passengers are NOT DRIVING !!!

    1. “… gimme the 4 months…”

      Or save yourself the time and shoot them on the spot.

      There will be a rash of such shootings very soon, imo.

  2. Another fund raising effort by Ariz. this state has more fees and required permits than any other state. They can’t steal enough from the lottery, so they resort to this.

  3. In NY the cops would site “a supreme court case from Texas” which was for “officer safety” to get passengers to ID, I’ve already been arrested for this in 2009.

      1. Greece NY, some of the most rotten cops in Monroe County, Rochester Cops wear the Fasci on their badges, I feel the Rochester area has been a test community since the Manhattan Project. I’ve had the police in Greece site the quote above 3 times but I was only arrested for it once when I wasn’t on foot. No BS from me, no point in lying about this. Oh and technically I was arrested for disorderly conduct.

        1. They test stuff everywhere but we had a lot of interesting industry here (Kodak) and it is a isolated urban bubble proxy to NYC. Somethings rotten in Denmark.


  5. The question is begged, When will enough become enough? At a certain point, tyranny becomes top heavy, and then, you will see the advent of another contrived war….to try to head off righteous insurrection….

    “The enforcers of tyranny, MUST bare the brunt of the people’s resistance to it!”

    You would think the average LE/cops & now apparently f’kn Meter maids, wtf! Would have enough sense to desire their own self preservation.

    I guess they think with all their hup, hup, military gear they’re gonna ride rough shot over the sheeple… Well, guys and gals of the forces, all us silent majority out here, we ain’t the moron, maggots out protesting with cardboard signs….claiming were on one side of the aisle or the other….

    You see, we actually believe in real sovereign, freedom and the Bill of Rights & common law….you are all, the enforcers of the antithesis of these beliefs.

    So, ultimately, just keep doing your zio masters bidding’s…but when “The (real) people” have had enough of your orders and criminal laws….you will be provided NO quarter…, destruction comes upon you and yours as you attain your mastery of evil against your fellow man….

    Free in my mind & heart, while we await your overreach……

  6. “How long will it take, for police to require passengers across the country to carry ID’s, two maybe three years?”

    They don’t have that much time left.

        1. I know not your situation but I appreciate reading your thoughts and hope your around for a good long time, I’m a few weeks from 36, I will carry this torch, that I promise.

          1. “I’m a few weeks from 36, I will carry this torch, that I promise.”
            Thank you, Frank Face. Like #1, those of us who have reached “a certain age” are counting on you, and others like you, to carry on for us.
            For now, we’ve still got a lot of fight left in us. 😀

  7. By law you are only a “passenger” when you are paying a “driver” to take you somewhere. Otherwise, you are a “guest”. A “driver” is someone who operates a “motor vehicle” for commercial purposes on the public highways.

    The term “motor vehicle” means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the highways in the transportation of passengers, passengers and property, or property or cargo. 18 USC § 31 (a)(6)

    In other words, unless you are taking a taxi, Uber, or Lyft you are a guest and are not required by this law to give up your ID. It’s best not to have state identification anyway as that makes you their property. All states are foreign corporations owned by United States of America, also a foreign corporation. The DMV of each state is also a for profit corporation as are all the courts. All are registered on Dun & Bradstreet with IRS employer ID numbers. All of these corporations lead right back to the Crown and the Vatican.

    The only issue here is the ignorant LEOs who are nothing more than armed revenue officers for their respective corporate owners. I would suggest carrying a traveler legal document with the legal word definitions.

    1. “All of these corporations lead right back to the Crown and the Vatican.”

      Which in turn leads straight to the stinking jews.

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