Patrick Roddie, Speaking in Chiloquin, Oregon, May 9, 2016 at the Crater Lake Stratospheric Aerosols Geoengineering Conference

Patrick Roddie, Speaking in Chiloquin, Oregon, May 9, 2016 at the Crater Lake Stratospheric Aerosols Geoengineering Conference from Max Guiley – VIDEO MAZAMA on Vimeo.

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Crater Lake Stratospheric Aerosols Geoengineering Conference 2016

Patrick Roddie, of stopsprayingus-sf dot com, is the Belfast-born Northern Irish anti-climate-engineering activist who now lives in San Francisco, and who went to Washington, D. C. August 11, 2015 and TOLD the EPA: “DO YOUR JOB . . . “* On May 9th, 2016, he traveled to Chiloquin, Oregon to speak before the Crater Lake Stratospheric Geoengineering Conference, and it had been an extremely busy previous week for Mr. Roddie: who had spoken in Ashland, Oregon at the Ashland Global Chemtrail Activism Jam, a State of Jefferson Chembuster Event in Southern Oregon on May 4th; and then on May 7th, at the international Global Chemtrail Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which can be found here:

This presentation truly emphasized — indeed, stressed — the spiritual battle aspects of the criminal chemtrail war against humanity. It differed even from the tone of his speech at the Vancouver BC Chemtrail Summit Speech opening, May 7, 2016, wherein Patrick began: “Hello, I’m Patrick Roddie, and I fight scumbags . . . with truth, and love, and compassion, and respect . . . this IS a spiritual battle . . . ” In Chiloquin, Patrick concentrated on the “truth, love, compassion, and respect” aspects of this ongoing battle — and the “Dylan” about whom he was referring, is Dylan Peach, a well-known harrassing troll on Facebook. His all-shill/all-troll Facebook group, known as “Chemtrails Are Killing Us,” or CAKU for short, is a group of which to beware, which means “be aware.”**

Prior to his Chiloquin talk, Patrick told me he’d quite recently received some amazing spiritual revelations about which he would be sharing, and indicated that this newly-discovered spiritual subject matter would be a profound departure from his normally activist-oriented presentations about geoengineering and the criminals perpetrating it. He was correct in his prediction, in that it was easy to see that his kundalini was highly-fired throughout his entire chakra range, resulting in his speaking as though he were receiving a truly ethereal “download,” as he proceeded through his extemporaneous talk on how to deal with the people behind the clandestine climate-engineering programs. When I questioned him, “Are we winning?” he matter-of-factly stated: “We already have.”

From a videographer’s standpoint, Mr. Roddie is quite challenging to keep in-frame and in-focus, as he is a constantly “moving target” for a cameraman while he is speaking; and, additionally — only at first, thankfully — his constant motion caused considerable audio interference noise with his wireless headset microphone, but he DID quickly diagnose the problem as a loose connection caused by his rapidly-pacing style, and he took care of the problem quite quickly.

The rest of the activist-entourage scheduled to participate in Chiloquin’s geoengineering conference got stuck in rush-hour traffic in Portland, Oregon, and did not arrive until the end of Patrick Roddie’s presentation; and yet, informally everyone exchanged a great deal of information, making this event a completely total success.

Patrick’s website is Stop Spraying Us-SF dot com at this Web link:

*Geoengineering Activist Patrick Roddie Testifies Before the EPA
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** Dylan Peach: (I will now take this opportunity to preemptively BLOCK that shill’s Facebook page right this moment.)

*** CAKU: Facebook shill group:

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