5 thoughts on “Patriotwood

  1. I suppose that a person cannot prepare enough… but wow, what an arsenal!

    No reason to ask where this is located — on line. However, it would have to be in a very remote location because all those camouflaged vehicles, especially the pick-up with 2 gun torrents might draw suspicion under the new definition of Domestic Terrorist (lol).

    The amazing thing about Revolutions or Civil Wars: an abundance of guns and ammo always surface just in time to balance the playing field. I.e. in Syria, the anti-Assad rebels seem to be well armed with everything including RPGs, courtesy of the USA and Israel.

    The thing I always keep in mind: Our enemies inside the gates are just doing their job and their only incentive is to stay alive and collect their pay. They are outnumbered by armed citizens who will fight to the death because they will eventually (if not already) have nothing else left to lose. It is a psychological advantage on the battlefield which tips the scales of justice in our favor — just like it did in 1775.

    This is how the people of Afghanistan have survived centuries of hostile invasions.

  2. I would love to say God bless the Patriots but since I am not a believer I wont but should there be a god, after all anything is possible,then I would say God Bless the Patriots.

    1. I hear you Grin…when I was (I thought) an atheist back in early 70s me and 5 other so-called left activists were headed to Canada on the NY State thruway on slick wet road surfaces that caused jack-knifed 18 wheelers everywhere and all sorts of accidents..the car we were in spun around, hit a guardrail which sent us rickoshaying across the thruway with oncoming traffic…and we safely made it to the island between northbound and southbound traffic…and I said to the others, “Why would God save a bunch of atheists?”

      1. If you were a true atheist you wouldn’t even asked that question. My reaction if it had been me would have been one more lucky day. After all who said God saved anyone. Look around, how many people pray to be saved from some dreadful situation like a deadly disease or a child dying. When it works they say god did it. If it doesnt they say he works in mysterious ways. I await the proof then I will admit my error otherwise I remain doubtful, very doubtful.

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