Peak Stupidity is COVID’s Number-One Symptom

The Great Recession

The world has become more stupid than I ever thought human beings could collectively become, and I was always certain that human beings could be quite stupid! Today, the stupid train picked up a full load, hit full velocity and flew off the rails. This medical news strains the outer limits of my mind.

It also strains the limits of my personal calm space as hospitals move into exactly the dire situation I said the Biden Mandates (BMs) would place them in; yet, look at how they try to resolve it:

Hospitals choose staff WITH COVID over staff WITHOUT COVID!

Politico reports that hospitals that fired about 5% of their staff for not getting vaccinated are now surprisingly shorthanded by about 5% because so many of the vaccinated staff are getting COVID! Therefore, they are allowing the vaccinated staff members who have COVID to return to work WITH COVID because they desperately need the staff, but they are still not letting the unvaccinated staff members who do NOT have COVID return.

Because that makes sense.

Hospitals and long-term care facilities are so short staffed that many are compelling Covid-positive doctors and nurses to return to work, arguing that bringing back asymptomatic or even symptomatic staff is the only way they can keep their doors open amid a spike in hospitalizations.

The practice, allowed by the most recent CDC guidance, underscores the dire situation in which many facilities find themselves as more than 120,000 people nationwide are now hospitalized with the virus — almost three times the total from Thanksgiving when Omicron was first detected….

“Our staffing situation has been the worst it’s been since the spring of 2020.” Three hundred of his 3,700 workers are out, many infected with Covid-19.


Yet, many who are not infected with COVID were simply kicked out because they were unvaccinated, even though many of them already had COVID so have naturally enhanced immunity.

While most health workers are vaccinated, many are still falling sick, exacerbating a staff shortage as more Americans seek hospital care…. And there are no requirements that patients be notified if their caregiver is sick…. And the practice is happening across the country…. Health care workers around the country have reported that they are being called in to work even if they suspect they are infectious…. 

“It’s comparable to March, April, May 2020. I have not seen health care workers as panicked as they are now since that time,” said Debbie White, a registered nurse and president of New Jersey’s largest health care union, HPAE, which opposes the CDC’s guidance….

Nearly all said they are following the CDC’s new advice. That guidance, released last month, allows facilities to bring back workers after five days of isolation, instead of 10, without a negative Covid-19 test. In cases where workforce shortages become extreme, hospitals can bring back staff without any isolation period.

It’s worse than “without any isolation period.” The CDC is even allowing them back without testing and with active symptoms. Wouldn’t you love to have a person with COVID coughing or sneezing over you in your hospital bed, rather than a perfectly healthy unvaccinated person? (Because that makes sense!)

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4 thoughts on “Peak Stupidity is COVID’s Number-One Symptom

  1. Now let’s see how the Branch Covidians “Fraud-ci is our Lord and Savior” react to this one…. especially if they go to the hospital and get put on Remdesivir and ventilators at the same time… because a whole lot of vaxxed folks are going to hospitals these days.

    1. Yes but some nurses are reporting that the vaxxed are being treated with ivermectin and HCQ while the in vaxxed are being treated with remdesivir

  2. Even the lying idiot Fauci admitted the other day that there is a huge difference between being in the hospital with covid and being in the hospital because of covid.

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