Picture Of LAX Shooter After He Was Shot.. Bizarre

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

This is a picture of the LAX shooter after he was shot by police which first appeared in the NY Post.  I’m assuming he must be shot in the shoulder?  Despite all the blood? on the floor and all over his face, why is there no blood on his shirt? Pretty weird picture.  he looks like he is in shock or something and his body position looks really uncomfortable.  Thoughts?   -Mort



45 thoughts on “Picture Of LAX Shooter After He Was Shot.. Bizarre

  1. There are some interesting pictures on “nodisinfo.com” some of you may want to take a look at. Sure looks like more crisis actors to me. See what you think.

  2. Wow! That blood looks as fake as Kool-Aid. I didn’t know that blood can glow so red. It almost looks like jello.

    Also, it doesn’t help to see glowing red goo and claiming it to be the blood of the victim when the stained blood on the victim is a lot darker than that even if it is dry.

    In addition to that, blood would not be all together like that as though someone barfed out their intestines after they were shot. It would be more like streaks or spurts of blood and would not be so neatly bunched up like a pile of red shit as shown in the picture.

    1. I think the photographer did that to the brightness…the rest of it actually can look that way from the head…I have seen it first hand in the E.R. from head trauma patients: However, the amount is suspect.

  3. Ooooookay.

    Apparently he must have barfed all that blood up, because I don’t see any hole in him, or bloodstains on his clothes.

    And what’s with that huge water looking stain all around the ‘pile’ of ‘blood’?

    1. You are right about the amount of blood….it’s the consistancy that is real from head trauma…The blood that looks that way usually comes from the ears. That water looking stuff is probably plasma.

  4. Thought he was wearing Camo? ?…and when you enlarge the pic…the face doesnt match the one they been posting on the news for two days..

    1. TED
      Never heard this version ,hows about posting a link to your UNHEARD OF VERSION cause I watched and heard about a DOZEN different NEWSREPORTS and every last one said CAMO and the eveeeeeeeeeeel eveil “assault rifle” which is the silliest way to describe an UGLY inanimate object.

  5. Weird. I’m no forensics dude, but something doesn’t look right to me. Also, wasn’t the shooter wearing camo? I dunno. I don’t buy it – any of it.

  6. Oh Kay!

    That blood looks thick and curdled, and too brightly colored to be real. That man is 23? Where’s the “camo”? Nothing about this adds up. I call *cough* bullsheet!

  7. You know, I’m really starting to feel sorry for these crisis actors. They must have THE worst scripts in the world to try to simulate a real life scene. Maybe we should all take up a collection so they can buy some better props, and maybe they’ll have enough left over to go to acting school. ( All said dripping with satire, don’t ya know!)

    1. Oh, let’s forget acting school and just give them a turkey for Thanksgiving. 😉 They’re probably hungry, anyway.

  8. It’s fake blood. Being an ex-paramedic I’ve seen lots of blood, it never separates into plasma. After congealing, it starts turning black.

  9. So, one of the ‘first responders’ busted out a phone (??) for a quick pic?

    That alone seems pretty weak. Yes, I’m ignoring the guy in the (event appropriate) clown suit.

    1. This indicates to me a possible future false-flag scenario is for them to pitch a plane into the ground and say armed gunmen did it, while for maximum shock effect it will cost between one and two hundred lives.

  10. I’ve been to LAX many times and it sure looks like LAX. Here’s one extremely intelligent person’s opinion:
    The guy in the photo doesn’t look like the other photos of the shooter. His attire doesn’t match up either. The bag under his head is a Starbucks bag (with a recent design) which means, assuming it’s his bag, he was already past the TSA checkpoint. The piles of gore next to him may or may not be from him — perhaps those are the leftovers of the deceased victim.
    If this guy was the shooter, the media would already be racing to confirm it and publicize some version of this photo.
    So my guess is that this guy is not the shooter but one of the victims.

  11. Gee, maybe all of the blood was on that body armor and TSA outfit that he took off after dropping his shotgun and handgun while running away somehow. (Giving him the benefit of the doubt here that he would do something so stupid) Maybe that explains why there is only blood on his face and stained blood on his pant legs. But then again, TSA agents wear black pants, not white the last time I checked. So that ends that theory unless the director of this false flag production said, “CUT!” and then allowed him to quickly change into a pair of white trousers with a blood stain on them and then “ACTION!” again without anyone noticing. Fat chance.

    By the way, I was going with the eyewitness version of the story as reported here:


    1. Okay, sigh. There was no shooting. It was a drill. This person doesn’t match the “cia&cia” guy; this “person” doesn’t in fact resemble a human, let alone one who could carry guns and ammo for any distance. The “blood” resembles some sort of artificially colored pudding, is settled into an enormous pile far from the body it supposedly sprang from, and the “helper” is far away and positioned just in front of a suspicious orange kit which probably contained the supplies to paint the dummy’s face.

      In other news, the 9/11 “Harley Guy” has coincidentally emerged as a prime witness to this LAX incident. This time his name is Nick Pugh, not Mark Walsh. Funnily enough, he claims that police mistakenly handcuffed him but (inexplicably) let him go after searching him “several times,” despite the fact that he had “no id and no ticket.” Talk about rolling on the floor, laughing out loud. He was on his way to NYC to watch his brother run the marathon, without an id or ticket, and of course, police didn’t seem to have a problem with that.

      All this charade is supposed to do — make it harder to travel, perhaps even harder to leave the country. Of course, the internet will be blamed, along with guns, white men, people who question the government’s motives/lies, etc. You watch, the lone gunman will conveniently die in the hospital, his fake family never to be heard from.

      This false flag was solved pretty quickly – thanks to the fine folks at nodisinfo.com. Lots of video to see – do your part to pass it around very quickly. Time to end this insanity. Below is a good vid; see comments section, too. Also, look on youtube, “L.A./Ontario International Airport Shooting Hoax” by Max Malone. Capture the video, because it will surely be scrubbed.

      1. Nick Pugh or whatever his name is looks and sounds just like actors Steve Carrell and Charlie Day. If anyone believes a word this guy is saying then, they ought to be shot in the back of the head and thrown in a ditch for stupidity.

        Then you have the blond reporter looking for something emotional to invoke an intense emotional response from the viewers (typical trademark false flag sign) by saying in almost a scripted fashion, “Yea, I look down. I see you have your wedding ring on and the first thing that pops through your mind is it to call your wife and family?”

        I mean this woman is such a pathetic excuse for a reporter and this guy is such a bad actor and so fake that I don’t even know where to begin.

  12. Ryan
    Maybe, you should do a little research for yourself and maybe you might notice that every major war and other events were started by a false flag event that is admitted and is now a part of history. Wake up fool

  13. Ryan in L.A. – Morons like you are the main reason I hate L.A., other than the cops.

    You’re either so clueless as to be useless to the rest of us, or you’re a troll.


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