Police ask motorists to “volunteer” to submit to drug tests


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, police state America invents a new way to destroy our rights.

Two years have passed since, police were forced to stop using ‘voluntary’ DNA checkpoints across the country.

“Five years ago it would have been a different story, says Mo., Sheriff Tom Neer, who authorized deputies to participate in a checkpoint in his St. Louis suburb and saw a public backlash. There’re just such strong anti-government feelings among people. Under the circumstances, I would not allow them to do it again. It’s just because of the perception.”

‘Voluntary’ what a joke. Ask yourself, how many motorists surrounded by armed cops, voluntarily submitted their DNA?

Police use their authority to ask motorists to ‘volunteer’ to be drug tested.

Since January of this year, the Colorado State Police have been pilot-testing drug saliva kits for private corporations!

Colorado troopers have been using five different untested drug saliva test kits on suspected drugged drivers. There are currently only a handful of manufacturers making saliva test kits and thestate police are pilot-testing them all on motorists.

“At least one of these devices is in every single (field office) across Colorado,” Major Steve Garcia said.

According to CBS Denver, state troopers have been field testing drug saliva kits on ‘volunteer’ motorists accused of drugged driving.

“There are five different devices are being used by CSP. Each company has different criteria being used on their tests, according to CSP. One-hundred-twenty-five troopers have been trained on the devices and are using them when a DUID suspect volunteers, according to Maj. Steve Garcia.”

“The results will be used in discovery but the decision to arrest or charge was not influenced in any way based upon these devices,” Garcia said.

In other words the prosecutor will present unverified drug results to a judge, but trust them police won’t use that info. to recommend sentencing.

What a load of crap.

The facts are, drunk driving is decreasing and the alleged drugged driving epidemic is a lie.

Last year, during a congressional hearing on the threat posed by stoned drivers, a representative of the NHTSA was asked how many crash fatalities are caused by marijuana each year. “That’s difficult to say, replied Jeff Michael, NHTSA’s associate administrator for research and program development. We don’t have a precise estimate. The most he was willing to affirm was that the number is probably not zero.”

For more info.read my article “DHS/NHTSA studies claim drunk driving is decreasing, allege drugged driving is increasing.”

Five reasons to be skeptical of pot breathalyzers and saliva tests.

1.) The pot breathalyzer was invented by a cop.

DHS/Police stand to profit from pot breathalyzers.

The Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer System has signed a collaboration agreement with Field Forensics Inc. (FFI) to develop a roadside test kit for use with its Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer.

2.) Pot breathalyzers don’t even have to be accurate.

“I think the first breathalyzer on the market will be a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the presence of THC at the time of the test,” Lifeloc chief executive Barry Knot said. “In that sense it won’t provide a quantitative evidential measure.”

“To date, no such data exist correlating THC/breath detection levels with behavioral impairment,” said Paul Armentano, deputy director for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. “In fact, no scientific study that I am aware of has even attempted to correlate the detection of THC in breath with actual behavioral or psychomotor impairment of any kind.”

Washington and Montana have set a limit of 5 nanograms/milliliter (ng/mL). Pennsylvania has a 1 ng/mL limit. Other states prohibit drivers from having any amount of cannabis in their system at all.

These limits are more political than based on science, experts say.

3.) NHTSA tells police to keep the results of ‘field tests’ a secret

Last year, I warned everyone that the NHTSA and police want to keep inaccurate drug test kits a secret.

 “…Techniques that perform well in the laboratory may falter when brought into the “real world” of law enforcement. The research will evaluate how law enforcement officers can use these screening devices as supporting evidence in the detection of drugs in the driving population.”

“The Research Analyst will have confidential information about the participant to which they would not normally have access. Your protection of all information about participants gained during the conduct of research is, therefore, essential. We have promised participants that we will not reveal the results of their tests (unless they provide their consent). Participants’ data will be combined with those of others in the data collection and the results will be reported as group percentages and totals in such a way that no participants name could be associated with any results.”

4.) Police use a 1970’s eye drug chart invented by cops to arrest motorists.

Police claim to know what kind of drugs a person has used, based on observing a supects pupil dilations.

‘Drug Recognition Experts’ got its start by fellow cops looking for a way to increase state revenue.

“Two LAPD sergeants collaborated with various medical doctors, research psychologists, and other medical professionals to develop a simple, standardized procedure for recognizing drug influence and impairment. Their efforts culminated in the development of a multi-step protocol and the first DRE Program.” 

5.) Police collect marijuana-related arrest info. for corporations, so they can buy more drug test kits.

“The Colorado State Patrol started measuring marijuana-related traffic citations in 2014, said Sgt. Rob Madden, a spokesman. That year will serve as the baseline for years to come.”

Just how closely are corporations working with police? A search for “insurance companies donate millions to police departments” returned nearly 5 million hits.

To find out more about DHS/Police profiting from the pot business read:


11 thoughts on “Police ask motorists to “volunteer” to submit to drug tests

  1. So, even less accurate than the pseudo-science based, proven false “breathalyzers” for alcohol, and now they want to destroy yet more people’s lives and steal their money with this contraption. What about the totall sober people who smoked a joint Saturday and still have some residual THC in their systems? What a racket the police have become, they should be the ones prosecuted with the RICO laws. DISGUSTING!!

    1. So why exactly does one have to ‘volunteer’ in order to potentially incriminate yourself?

      IS walking on the street already a reason for the police to have reasonable suspicion of a crime and thus reason to investigate for said imaginary crime. (Fishing Expedition.)

  2. I dont volunteer for sh*t!

    no probable cause ? GTFOOMF!

    as more and more states “legalize” the more the police state tries to clamp down

  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Cop: Would you “volunteer” for this latest act of zomminist (zionism + communistic tyranny) treachery?

    Me: Ass-sphincter says “what”?

    Cop: Would you,.. um,… huh??

    Me: Ass-sphincter says “what”??

    Cop: “What”??

    Me: Alright!! – Have a nice day sphincter (…. drive away…)

    JD – US Marines – NEVER be afraid to treat an asshole like an asshole.


        1. Been thrown in jail numerous times by arguing with cops. I’ve given up on it JD. They’re all a bunch of scumbags it’s not worth it. Jail isn’t fun

  4. I kind of gave up on Joe public having any sense yesterday when I read an article on Yahoo where women thought it was a GOOD thing to have a draft for women because it gave them more equality.

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