Police Attack Nurse Because She Called Her Supervisor

Published on Nov 4, 2013 by BeatYourselfUp

Police wanted access to a secure area, so she called her supervisor. That’s when the police unlocked the door, forced their way in and man-handled her to the ground and arrested her for not immediately letting them in. Check the source link for more info.

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3 thoughts on “Police Attack Nurse Because She Called Her Supervisor

  1. Why were the damned cops there in the first place besides securing the place and why did they need to secure that place anyway? Sounds like to me that these cops were there to steal drugs or something seeing as to how there was no reason stated as to why the cops were there in the first place………….. Jeeze, I wish that there was a big hypo that that nurse could have stuck those pigs with and put the f`er`s down.

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