Police Officer Cited For Hit And Run

WNEP 16 News – by Bob Reynolds

Investigators say for the second time in 6 months a police officer has been involved in another hit and run case.  The latest incident was in Frackville.

Joseph Hahn of Frackville worked as a part time officer for 4 departments in Schuylkill County.

His first run in with the law was in June near Jim Thorpe. Hahn admitted crashing his car and leaving the scene, and having an open alcohol container in his car. He paid almost $300.00 in fines.

A second hit and run was  in Frackville earlier this month. Police say Hahn smashed into a car, which was pushed into an SUV.  In the police report,  Hahn admits to the crash and adds he ran because he panicked. Both vehicles are owned by the Cole family.
Amanda Cole is upset and concerned.

“I don’t think he should be a police officer anymore, I don`t think he should have a driver`s license, this is second incident. What`s next is he going to hit a person, a child crossing the street, injure someone, kill someone?.” Cole said.

Frackville Police said they tracked Hahn’s SUV to his backyard garage by following the fluids which leaked as a result of the crash.  He’s received 3 traffic citations, including careless driving.  He could face  several hundred dollars in fines if convicted.

Neighbor Steve Jaskierski explained  he’s glad police didn’t play favorites.

“I just think he should be under the same law as other people should be .”

We went to officer Hahn’s home in Frackville to see what he had to say.  No one answered the door. Amanda Cole said Hahn’s carelessness ruined a family project.

“They all had plans my husband and my daughter and my boys this summer coming up to tear the motor down and rebuild it together and now it’s gone and we can’t replace it.”

The Cole family said they’re replacing the car which was totaled with a used vehicle, but the cost of even a used car is so much that they have to ask the Salvation Army for help for Christmas.


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  1. .
    My Fellow Patriots:

    By current standards,.. this maggot cop is ready to be a Police-Chief!!!

    JD – US Marines – Who wants to bet this guy gets a promotion soon?

    1. hey us marine that wouldn’t surprise me in the least. I have a particular position for him in mind however. PRONE, AND COLD.

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