Police use license plate readers in shopping malls, tow trucks and garbage trucks to spy on us


Across the country, DHS/Police are profiting from privately owned license-plate readers (LPR’s) inparking lots, shopping malls etc. Mall of America works with the police to scan your license plate as soon as you enter one of their parking lots! Back in 2013, the Freehold Raceway Mall installed LPR’s at all entrances and exits and it gets worse, Repo companies are using LPR’s to scan parking lots across the country.

Privately owned parking lots and universities use “3M,” “Autovu,” and “Vivotek” to spy on our license plates. Click here, here & here to find out more about LPR’s on campuses.

In Freeport, NY, DHS/Police installed 27 license plate readers  to spy on EVERY vehicle that entered their town.

“Since the scanners went live they’ve been triggering an average of 700 alarms a day, mainly about cars on the road with expired or suspended registration stickers. Officers have impounded 500 vehicles. They’ve written more than 2,000 court summonses, mostly for minor violations.”

City officials across the country are installing LPR’s as part of a DHS program, called “Operation Stonegarden.” In 2015 DHS revealed their plans to create a national license plate reader database called “Acquisition and Use of License Plate Reader Data from a Commercial Service.

In 2014, DHS had given cities and towns $55 million to install LPR’s and other ‘security measures’ across the country.

The Homeland Security Grant Program now encompasses five projects in the program: State Homeland Security Program, Urban Areas Security Initiative, Operation Stonegarden, Metropolitan Medical Response System Program, and Citizen Corps Program.

In 2010 alone, DHS spent $1,786,359,956 on its Homeland Security Grant Program.

Police across the country are using LPR’s to balance state and local budgets. In Texas, police use LPR’s to ticket beachgoers.

Police use LPR’s to collect millions in unpaid tickets:

Using LPR’s to balance budgets has become so blatant, license plate manufacturer Vigilant Solutions is giving Texas police departments free readers so they can issue instantly tickets to motorists collect payment. Vigilant offers law enforcement free access to its license-plate data through another database, the National Vehicle Location Service.

Vigilant Solutions  contract allows the company to charge scofflaw motorists a 25% fee on top of an existing unpaid ticket. That fee — on average about $125, according to a company official — goes directly to the company. If the motorist can’t afford the bill, however, police could potentially take the person to jail.

“The option of making such a payment at the time of arrest could avoid contributing to already crowded jails, save time for arresting officers, and relieve minor offenders suddenly informed of an uncollected payment when pulled over for a routine moving violation from the burden of dealing with an impounded vehicle and the potential inconvenience of finding someone to supervise a child because of an unexpected arrest.”

Police are even allowed to put surveillance cameras on utility poles to conduct warrantless surveillance of ANYONE.

A federal appeals court ruled it is not unconstitutional for law enforcement to set up a camera on a public utility pole and record a suspect’s moves for 10 weeks straight.

The Appeals Court ruling, “people have no reasonable expectation of  privacy in video footage recorded by a camera that was located on top of a public utility pole and that captured the same views enjoyed by passersby on public roads.”

Police have become bounty hunters for private companies.

“It really worries me that this corporation is sort of privatizing the police department to become bounty hunters — and pay Vigilant for the privilege,” says Yang, who serves as the legal director for the Texas Civil Rights Project.

A Vigilant PowerPoint presentation in a section called“near future” for the company includes a fusion of public records, license-plate data and facial recognition.

The DEA is installing LPR’s on our nation’s highways.

The DEA has gathered as many as 343 million records in the National License Plate Recognition program, which connects DEA license plate readers with those of other law enforcement agencies around the country.

“With its jurisdiction and its finances, the federal government is uniquely positioned to create a centralized repository of all drivers’ movements across the country — and the DEA seems to be moving toward doing just that.”

Police know where you are and where you’ll be.

Vigiliant’s MOAB technology, would help police find vehicles using a “probabilistic assessment” of a vehicle’s location based on historical data and public records. Click here to read more about MOAB.

All across the country from Boston to San Diego police and parking enforcement are using LPR’s to balance city and state budgets.

A complicit mass-media obediently, interviewed the V.P. of the company which stands to make millions from LPR’s

“They (police) get better reports, more information, I think the parkers are more satisfied, they get a better service. At the end of the day, that’s what most of our customers want. They want people to pay for their parking” said Mike Bourre, vice president of a parking technology company calledGtechna.

Police getting more detailed reports on EVERYONE is not what Americans want, despite what he claims, people DON’T want to pay for parking!

The mass-media’s complicity in aiding Police State America is disgusting.

LPR’s are such a financial success, police chiefs want to hire more cops.

“The chief is still talking about hiring another six to eight officers who would be dedicated solely to traffic duties and responding to license plate scanner alerts, in part because there have been some major successes.”

According to a 2014 Rand report, it’s estimated that over 70% of police departments use license plate readers!

Last year, I revealed how DHS wants to create a national license plate reader program.

DHS/Police use tow trucks and garbage trucks to spy on everyone!

“Some police departments mount scanners in patrol cars that capture data as officers drive around town. Others buy access to databases maintained by private companies that mount plate scanning cameras on tow trucks.”

From Boston to California DHS/Police use sanitation (garbage) trucks equipped with LPR’s to spy on everyone.

Police are using 200,000 garbage trucks and possibly 300K people to spy on Americans.

According to the ACLU, police have also installed license plate scanners on buildings and bridges.

It’s easy to see through DHS’s lies, they are creating a national license plate tracking system!

God has nothing to do with ticketing and arresting motorists:

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11 thoughts on “Police use license plate readers in shopping malls, tow trucks and garbage trucks to spy on us

  1. When Americans decide they want some of their freedom back, there’s a simple step they can take: quit using license plates.

  2. All for your safety Citizen. You are not on our radar unless you dare to crawl out of your basement.

    You would be most safe, if we could get a law passed that justifies handcuffing and gagging you from birth to death.

  3. “A federal appeals court ruled it is not unconstitutional for law enforcement to set up a camera on a public utility pole and record a suspect’s moves for 10 weeks straight.”

    every cop shop has a utility pole or light pole near it.. maybe we should return the favor and see how they like their every move recorded

    find out all the cops names, search the counties public tax records to obtain their addresses, and post a camera pointing at their front door

    hey two can play at this game,, if we really want to .. thats seems to be the issue.. no one takes them on

    so we just sit back and wait for this all to come to a head ,, and it will, history proves it

    1. Absolutely agreed, EotS. When it comes to surveillance, citizens should be returning the favor as much as f’ing possible. Finding out the home addresses of the pigs and other enablers of the police state is a great first step.

      1. I have mentioned many times on here how to search for “those types of people”

        I wonder if anyone here is picking up on it yet ?

        or at least before I get a “visit” for exposing it

  4. “Police use license plate readers in shopping malls, tow trucks and garbage trucks to spy on us”

    The garbage trucks are perfectly understandable.

  5. I wish our children could read better then a license plate reader.
    Stop it now !
    UR confusing me!

    Dave…. what are you doing.
    Stop Dave stop.
    Don’t unplug me…!

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