Political Distractivists

   Do you belong to a political discussion or activist group that has a moderator who forbids or censors any conversation relating to Zionism and/or Jews in general?

Maybe he insists that it’s offensive, or that it deters membership, or that it hurts the cause, but the fact of the matter is that he’s part of the false-opposition system that’s maintained by both government agents and Zionist organizations, and their goal is to corral as many activists as they can into their groups, and make sure that whatever time they have to devote to political activism is wasted in futile efforts.  

I don’t hate Jews, or anyone else for that matter, but the fact of the matter is that no honest or meaningful political discussion can occur that doesn’t examine the Zionists’ role in our present problems, and how they’ve kept that role hidden by controlling most of the information available to Americans, as well as controlling most of the “political activist groups”. And as Zionism is a Jewish political movement, it’s also impossible to address Zionism without touching upon Judaism too. These are the facts of today’s reality. They’re NOT an example of “anti-Semitism”, and nor are they motivated by hatred, or even dislike of any race, religion, or ethnic group.

Can someone please tell me of even ONE significant problem we face today that doesn’t have Zionism, and the Zionist movement as its foundation and catalyst? Is it necessary to again list all of the horrors they’ve committed over the last hundred years, and explain how what’s happening today is just the latest orchestration of the same old plan, or doesn’t everyone see that by now? Hasn’t the history of the last century’s horrors been orchestrated by Zionists, as outlined a century ago in the Protocols of Zion? If you understand that’s what’s happening, why are you afraid to discuss these things, and why would someone want to prevent you from discussing these things?

Any political discussion that doesn’t examine Zionism is only an effort to distract you from honestly addressing today’s problems, and prevent you from knowing the truth. It’s not racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, or hate. Zionism is the political movement that has usurped our government, destroyed our economy, deceived the population, poisoned our food and medicine, instigated and profited from all the wars, and to this day is draining the last of the resources from this country before sending all of us down the third-world tubes. If you’re avoiding discussion of these facts you may as well be talking to a wall, and the only way you’ll get to the bottom of anything, would be by falling to the floor.

If you belong to a political discussion group that refuses to discuss the common denominator behind all of the problems we face, you may as well spend your time being brainwashed by the tube, because the discussion is only an attempt to sweep truth under the rug, and can therefore never amount to anything useful or important. Do you know of any problems that have ever been solved by avoiding all of the relevant facts? Is there much sense in discussing our political problems if you’re going to ignore who’s causing them?

Anyone who runs a “political activist group” that refuses to address the obvious, and documented causes of all the problems we face as a people, is only trying to deceive Americans who are concerned about our future, and is also working toward the downfall of this country. That much should be obvious enough.

The truth isn’t “politically correct” and in fact, it happens to be downright racist, because the race we belong to (black or white) is what’s being attacked, as well as all that America stands for in the same stroke. Black people need to avoid being convinced that “whitey” is their enemy, because that’s only another Zionist attempt to employ a century-old divide and conquer technique. Consider who wrote the history before you choose to believe it, and by now you should have discovered that you need to find alternative sources of history, as well as news.

The truth also isn’t subject to anyone’s bias or opinion. Facts are facts, and if you claim to be interested in the truth of any matter, you’re going to have to accept the facts as you discover them, and follow them to their logical conclusion. Anyone who tries to undermine that process, is obviously working to hide the truth, and is therefore just another enemy of this nation.

Now I’m only stating the obvious here, and the proof of my claims is well-documented, but there will undoubtedly be many people accusing me of being “a bigot, a hater, an anti-Semite, a Nazi, blah, blah, blah, but I’d welcome any debate that tries to prove me wrong. Unfortunately, any honest debate will only give me a forum to prove that I’m right, so the dissenting argument never appears. I only hear cowardly name-calling from a distance, from people who work to hide the truth and hurt our cause. And our cause isn’t “anti-Semitic”. It’s pro-American, and America happens to be under attack by Zionists. I certainly didn’t arrange any of the political developments of today, or the last century, but I am going to continue to tell the truth about them, and continue to expose those who tells the lies. That’s what a “truth movement” is all about.   — Jolly Roger

“Time’s glory is to calm contending kings, to unmask falsehoods, and bring truth to light”   — William Shakespear 

14 thoughts on “Political Distractivists

  1. Another excellent article, JR! Are you sure you were not a professional writer before? 😆 Your articles always hit the nail on the head.

    It’s true, Zionism must be exposed and talked about by the Truth movement. Otherwise, we are only attacking the symptoms rather than the root of the problem. No more “half-assed” truth. It’s all or nothing.

    1. No, NC, but thanks for the compliment. I only write at all because other people leave things left unsaid. I hope I’m helping others to make good arguments, and freedom is my only goal.

      1. It’s left unsaid because it is irrelevant. Tyranny is tyranny no matter who is the tyrant. If you see one of these SOBs do you ask whether he is a Jew before you shoot his sorry ass? Not if you have a brain. You know, if these Banksters didn’t have a lot of white people working for them they’d never get anywhere. Does that make white people all bad? I’ll tell you what makes us look bad and that’s all the Jew hating going on. It makes us look like neo-nazi skin heads, who are socialists by the way.

        If it’s your strategy to demonize the Jews, it’s a losing strategy that follows the losing Palestinian strategy of alienating everyone that may be potential allies. In this war to regain our founder’s Republic and our basic constitutional rights, we need to present a positive picture of ourselves to the public world wide, while showing what tyrants the opposition are. So far we’ve done a good job of showing the thuggery of the opposition, but let’s not destroy that achievement by putting ourselves in such an unfavorable light.

        Regardless of your personal feelings, one of the main objectives is to remove the support of the thugs we oppose, and much of that support comes from the easily mislead general public. Our “optics” to them can be shifted in our favor, or in favor of those against us. Don’t hand the enemy the victory by taking an illogical and self destructive position.

        1. Warrior, as I have commented earlier on this post, you can’t fix the problem unless you acknowledge and attack the source of it. Otherwise, the branches on the tree will just grow back with something else that the root had created. Stop attacking the mercenaries and scapegoats and start attacking the SOURCE!!! Zionism is the SOURCE!!!! Follow the money. Once the source is eliminated, the rest will fall, soon thereafter.

          1. Zionism doesn’t equal “Jews.” You may or may not know that there are many Rabbis that preach against Zionism. There is also “Liberation Theology” out there that is an excuse for Commie insurrections, and any other subersive ideologies shrouded in theology that could be considered a threat. The reality is that you are giving yourself optics that will work against all of us that want freedom, which is what many agent provocateurs would do – why help them? The source is tyranical thuggery whatever it is shrouded in.

          2. Warrior, you have completely missed the point. We all know there are good Jews and bad Jews, but it is the Zionist Jews who we are referring to, as they are the ones who have created this chaos and are hell bent on controlling the world, no matter what the cost. They are like parasites that suck up everyone’s resources. They own the banks and everything else, while we the people are considered nothing but slaves to them. They care for no one else but themselves and view themselves as god. The sooner we eradicate these demonic psychopaths from existence, the sooner we the people can repair our country and the sooner the rest of the world can be free from their manipulative control.

        2. I’m not trying to demonize anyone, Warrior, but it’s important that people know who is behind the problems, because that allows them to see how the problems are related, and if people are ignorant of exactly who’s attacking them, they also can’t launch an effective defense.

          I’m also aware that many Jews are on our side, but as the Zionists use Jewish culture as a tool for controlling all Jews, it’s also something that people need to be aware of.

  2. “And as Zionism is a Jewish political movement, it’s also impossible to address Zionism without touching upon Judaism too.”

    Good article, JR. I just wanted to clarify that all the Zionists aren’t Jews and, all the Jews aren’t Zionists. For example: I would not want to be called a Neocon or an Obama supporter just because I live in the United States.

    Everything else you wrote about the Zionist Movement is accurate though.

  3. Yes, I’m with you JR, It took me several years of research to dig through all the Alex Jones type schills that jump up and down when you step on one of their jewish hamsters. My grandaddy always said, ‘you aim for the head of the snake’. Are their good jews? There are a couple I have seen that are outspoken about the AshkeNazi’s. I agree, you can’t stop just because the truth hurts, It’s matter of record who the Bolshevick’s were and who they were funded by. They are still here and operating under a new name, Neo-con’s,Trotsky’ites. When I read tripe like wc111, all I hear is, ‘It’s not politically correct to blame the jews!, but I would bet they don’t have a problem blaming ‘Mooslems’ or those ‘ragheads’ over there, after all, Fox news said it was ‘five dancing arabs’ on 9/11!

  4. Finally got my internet gear working. Now that XP is no longer going to be serviced by Microsoft I had to make a decision. So I chose Windows 8 not by desire but by necessity. Could not do much internet as I had to figure out this OS. It is not easy.

    Can anyone help me here none of the videos that are offered on this site will play for me. I can get You Tube just fine but any other doesnt work. To even get that I have to go to You Tube to see it the same one wont play here. Tried everything any suggestions?

    As to my reply to this there are Christian Zionists too and they can not wait for this third war to welcome back their cultural hero Jesus Christ. He’s coming they say.

    That’s all.

    1. My advice is, even though you shelled out for another MS government-back-door OS, is to switch to Linux. Save the files you want to disk or thumb drive, remove the MS OS, and install Linux Ubuntu, or take it to a local techie to save files, remove MS and install Linux.

      My PC is more than 10 years old, but it was expensive when I bought it, and I have XP and Office 2003 on it, which have been rock solid for most of these years. Rather than consigning it to the trash pile, I’m still going to use it. But I have just ordered (on the dreaded Ebay) a cheap used notebook with Linux already installed, which should be delivered early this coming week. I can play on the notebook with Linux and use it online, hopefully mastering the learning curve, while using and keeping the rest of what I want offline on my oldie.

  5. Good post, JR. Got to call a spade a spade.

    Zionists, and most notably Zionist, AshkeNAZI so-called ‘jews’ ARE the top echelon of the NWO, and are responsible for most of the worlds major problems. Exterminate all of them, and most of those problems could be eliminated within a few years.

    That is a fact.

    And all you need to know about Judaism can be found in Michael Hoffman’s book “Judaism’s Strange gods”. Evil.

    Like the Talmud.

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