Shots Fired in an Apartment Complex in McKinney, TX

nc 1It happened in my apartment complex Thursday afternoon in Mckinney, TX between 4pm-4:30pm. I did not arrive at my apartment until around 6:30pm, but from the pictures that I took, the police were still there quartering off part of the area with yellow tape. A total of six cop cars and two unmarked cars were there with detectives and forensics investigating the scene.

Upon walking up to one of the cops, he quickly told me that everything was ok and after I repeatedly asked him the question and told him that I lived here and had a right to know, he rose his tone and then said, if you want to know, talk to the manager of the complex.  

That would be nice, except that the manager of the complex was gone for the day. So I know that if I ask management what happened tomorrow, I will get a pass the ball response, in which they will most likely tell me to contact the police for information. Therefore, since it is going on now, I’d feel better to sleep at night if I knew what was happening NOW rather than tomorrow. The cop, however, refused to comment and kept saying, “I’m not at liberty to discuss anything. Just go back to your apartment.”

Not at liberty to discuss anything? Are you kidding me? YOU work for ME! I live at the complex. I have every RIGHT to know what is going on! Yet, the bastard refused and gave me that look that if I didn’t leave, he would find an excuse to arrest me.

Meanwhile, other people were standing around asking questions, but of course very few were willing to get together and ask the cops what is going on. They just stayed outside on their balcony or patio.

nc 2

I spoke with a resident who lives in the apartment near me who said that her friend works for the city and said that someone reported a gunshot and that’s why they were here. I then spoke with a resident who lives right next to the quartered off scene and she told me that she heard a crack in her window and got scared but didn’t know what happened.

Finally, I interviewed another resident who told me that he woke up from a nap around 4pm when he heard what sounded like a gunshot. When he came out to find out what was going on, the cops came with guns and told him to get back into his house.

ALL the residents that I spoke with who were there at the time of the incident stated that the cops surrounded the complex “almost like an army” when they arrived and came out with “big guns” (they couldn’t tell me if they were shotguns or rifles) and a battering ram, but they said they were ordered back into their houses. Not sure if they were really referring to SWAT, but it wouldn’t surprise me. However, there wasn’t any SWAT when I got there.

nc 3

The residents that I spoke to did not see or hear if anyone was shot or injured and there were no ambulances or fire trucks at the scene when I got there or anytime after. No one heard any argument or dispute going on at all, just that a shot was fired and nothing else. It all seemed somewhat strange to me.

However, they did say that the police had already taken a man away in a car around 4:30pm. At around 7pm, they took this other guy into custody, shown in the picture below.

nc 4

Don’t know who he is. Never met him.

Last week, I noticed we had a Mckinney police car patrolling our apartment complex in the evening almost every other day. One officer even drove by me in the afternoon when I came home from work and said hello to me, as I was getting my mail the one day. I just gave him a dirty look and walked away. Another car was even stationed out in the back of the complex on Saturday for some reason.

I was going to call the apartment complex Monday when they would be open again and ask them what the hell was going on, as this was not normal and felt Gestapo like, but I got sidetracked with some other things. Finally, after not seeing them around for awhile and just when I thought it was over, this happens four days later.

My guess was that there were reports of complaints last week and they were scoping out the area every couple days until this happened today.

Anyways, it’s just another exciting incident in the world of NC. Maybe I just have bad luck and always pick the wrong apartment complex to stay in or maybe things are getting crazier by the day. I really don’t know.

I must say though, that the apartment complex I stay in is generally located in a safe neighborhood area, so it is strange that something like this would happen.


10 thoughts on “Shots Fired in an Apartment Complex in McKinney, TX

  1. Its easier to understand why cops are the way they are if you realize that they view all of us as potential enemies.The militarization of the cops and sheriffs ensure that this is only going to get worse as time progresses until all hell breaks loose. They shoot people all over the nation now and swat raids are entertainment for the psychos in uniform now. Wait till you see MRAPS all over the place ,you know for your protection and the protection of the children!

  2. The person living below me was hoping it would be on the news. I told her not a chance as the news has an agenda they follow and don’t give a care about something like this. Apparently, on the LOCAL news, a mysterious Malaysian plane that supposedly vanished over TWO WEEKS AGO is more important BREAKING news than some LOCAL shooting. Not even one local news van in the entire area willing to report on the story. Go figure.

    Anyways, since no one else I know of was reporting on it at the time, I decided to take some pictures and try and do it myself. (Hopefully I don’t get arrested later for being an “independent” journalist, if Feinstein’s propaganda makes its way to Texas. lol)

    Update: I went back to scene of the crime late last night, after the police left and cleared away the yellow tape and noticed a sprinkler room door on the side of the apartment building had been broken off its hinges. Most likely by a battering ram from the looks of it. My guess is that the suspect locked himself in there and the police knocked it down and grabbed the guy.

  3. NC, that is crazy! Great detective work!!! I am glad to see they didn’t arrest you for talking to them, they are like royalty now, you know, lol!! I have to say we live in a “safe” neighborhood, you never see the cops patrolling here, but there have been times when they have parked a cop car, empty, no body in it, across from our driveway, when I called the Police Department to find out why an empty cop car was just sitting there, they could not answer any questions and about one hour later they came and got it, weird! There are several other times were cops have sat across in their vehicles for an hour, sometimes 2. I know they are watching, and listening, oh well!

  4. I’ll bet that the guy they grabbed had nothing to do with the alleged gunshot, but as long as the whole crew rolls out, they have to grab someone for something while they’re there.

    1. Yea it was about an hour after I arrived that they decided to arrest this guy and take him away, almost like they needed to show the public, who came later, that they found someone. However, like I said, other residents said that they did take someone away earlier at around 4:30pm. So who knows.

      1. Have you noticed how almost all cops at the “scene” look around a lot for approval while they are conducting their operation? They need acknowledgment from the serfs. They love to be seen as powerful by the public.
        I call them lunch money cases. They all had their lunch money taken when they were in school and now they can get their revenge because they have a badge and a gun.

        1. Speaking of lunch money, there was this extremely fat cop (at least 250 pounds, if not more) who came later last night to guard an area near an apartment door while another cop investigated. I think they were searching the suspect’s apartment.

          Anyways, the cop looked like he ate 3 kids for breakfast and couldn’t even walk down the short sloped hill next to the apartment without holding onto a branch from a small tree nearby because he was afraid of falling. It must have been so embarrassing for him. This guy looked like he couldn’t even outrun a turtle and this is who we have to be afraid of?

          It’s obvious that physical fitness tests and situps are not a prerequisite for being a cop anymore nor are they enforced while they are a cop. Go figure.

  5. In Williamson county texas the sheriffs department is running illegal surveillance in most apartments. Not just sitting around like those are up there, but actually with video/audio inside your apartment! I busted them doing it.

    Remember that little girl that got murdered in foster care. The little girl was from williamson county. An anonymous tip said that the parents were smoking weed after the girl went to bed at night. The anonymous tip was the sheriff’s dept itself using illegal surveillance.

    1. Yep John, I’m all too familar with the infamous Williamson County police and their constant corruption. I have had my fair share of encounters with them when I was living in Round Rock. They are the worst cops I have dealt with. They are the Gestapo of Texas. They only want you to listen to them and bow to them. They ask the questions and you answer. Otherwise, you get fined or arrested. They are psychos and they will never listen to reason and will only ridicule you and beat you for merely talking or questioning them. The bastards tasered me and I was the victim of a crime and then they arrested me for taking my dog to the dog park and I had never been arrested before in my life. Believe me, I have no love for those assholes.

    2. people assume there’s privacy when renting. couldn’t be further from the truth. I could tell you a story about this very thing including…never mind. I’ve said this before, man cannot be entrusted with this type of technological power because as we all know they will abuse it…to the extreme.

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