6 thoughts on “Pope Francis opens UN Summit

    1. Darn near. They’re just warming things up for the “british” royals.
      (they are not truly ‘brits’)

      check out youtube sometime, and start with ‘zion king’. It’s in a dozen chunks.

  1. The symbolism in the artwork is remarkable, and hits all the points. If people cannot see what humanity is up against… well… ? Even the contrast of ‘sustainable’ with the ‘economy’ full of polluting industries is brilliant. The one good thing in all of this disgusting disruption from such cruel and demented creatures is that many in the human family are waking up and pulling together, each in our own way, doing our part to hold onto what is ours… a clean planet, peace, and to be left alone from outside forces. The planet is for humans. Keep speaking truth and exposing the creatures behind the veil. Never capitulate.

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