Potential Rep. Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: ‘No One Has Right to Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations’

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Editor’s Note: We all know where this rhetoric is headed… almost wish they’d come right out and try making it a reality already. Might change the very landscape of America if they really did.

Retired pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, a possible Republican presidential candidate, is weighing in on the contentious issue of mandatory vaccinations – asserting people shouldn’t be allowed to refuse shots on religious or philosophical grounds.  

“Although I strongly believe in individual rights and the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit, I also recognize that public health and public safety are extremely important in our society, Carson said in a statement released to The Hill and BuzzFeed News.

“Certain communicable diseases have been largely eradicated by immunization policies in this country and we should not allow those diseases to return by foregoing safe immunization programs, for philosophical, religious, or other reasons when we have the means to eradicate them.”

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14 thoughts on “Potential Rep. Presidential Candidate Ben Carson: ‘No One Has Right to Refuse Mandatory Vaccinations’

  1. No one who spews this garbage has the right to breathe the same air that I breathe.
    You can’t speak of individual rights and mandatory vaccines… Oh wait you’re a wannabe politician, you’re use to speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

  2. So . . . I wonder . . . It will be interesting to see if my friend is going to remove the “Ben Carson for President” sicker from her car anytime soon?
    . . .

    1. just yesterday I saw a ben carson bumper sticker. it wasn’t until I read this story I even knew anything about the guy. anyone campaigning on the platform of forced vaccinations is an idiot.

  3. If vaccines work so well, then why are the vaccinated so concerned about anyone else being vaccinated or not?

  4. Then I guess Bennie won’t mind sitting down for a moment and getting vaccinated himself first.

    I think we have another Bennie Nuttinyahoo here. 😉

  5. I actually thought Carson would be different.
    How stupid of me.

    He’s no different than the other idiots.

  6. Just more proof that those who are displayed
    as our saviours are nothing more than the newest
    version of what we already have…..
    a corporate/globalist stooge. Who’s never to be trusted.

  7. Nobody has the right to refuse? Wrong, Ben. I refuse, and anyone else who believes their bodies are their own has a right to refuse.

  8. Have you read CDC-999 by Patrick Jordan? When you do you may have to change your mind. My body is the temple of Yahweh and I do not plan on putting man made stuff with Mercury or Thermiscil in it. Ever read what EGW says about mercury poisoning? You may be a physician but no one will guarantee that by taking any of these vaccines you will not get the disease you are being inoculated for. I would rather Trust my Heavenly Father with my body than modern medicine.

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