Ukraine receives first batch of US Humvees

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Kiev (AFP) – Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday took delivery of ten US armoured vehicles, two days after American lawmakers voted to urge President Barack Obama to provide “lethal” aid to Kiev.

Dressed in camouflage, the Ukraine leader thanked Washington for the 10 Humvees, the first of 30 promised by Washington, as they arrived at Kiev’s Boryspil International Airport.  

In total, the US plans to send 200 regular Humvees, radios, counter-mortar radars and other non-lethal equipment worth $75 million.

The US House of Representatives on Monday voted 348-48 in favour of putting pressure on Obama to ship “lethal defensive weapon systems” to help Kiev forces defend against Russian “aggression”.

Obama has so far resisted calls to provide Kiev with weapons and other heavy military equipment, but House Democrat Eliot Engel, the lead sponsor of the resolution, told colleagues it was time to stop treating the Ukraine crisis “as just some faraway conflict.”

The United Nations estimates that more than 6,000 people have been killed in fighting between Ukraine forces and pro-Russian separatists in the country’s east since April.

Kiev and its allies in the West accuse Russia of arming and spearheading the pro-Kremlin uprising, but Moscow denies the allegation.

A ceasefire signed on February 12 has largely held despite sporadic fighting along the frontline.

5 thoughts on “Ukraine receives first batch of US Humvees

  1. Help defend Russian aggression? This is ludicrous, as the aggressors here are the USA and NATO!
    The Obama administration and the neocons, and many of the other republicans, are absolutely obsessed with starting WW3 against Russia AND China!
    WTF? They actually believe that we can win a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China!
    NO ONE wins, as the elite will emerge from their bunkers to a dying world poisoned by radiation!

    1. The Elites believe they have a ticket out of here. That is what they’ve been told anyway. And even if that really is the case then before they can redeem that ticket at the proverbial platforms we need to make sure they don’t board their train. Ever!!

  2. Arrogance and stupidity all the same package.

    Russians are NOT Arabs. They are the original Caucations. Might as well take on a nation of Vikings 125,000,000 strong. They are also Christians, and they now have a word for America now. Closest translation I can think of is ” Pederastville”. They are disgusted with us for letting this bunch of criminals and perverts now threatening them with nuclear annihilation to stay in power. Americans they believe have turned into fools, perverts, criminals and cowards. Its is true to some extent, but there is a really bad day for tyrants when in their hubrus they drop that final straw and the slugging match is on for who controls this country and its governments. Puftas, or Patriots?

  3. Laughable show boating. Do they really think a bunch of lightly armored jeeps would stop the Russians if they really wanted to invade. Have you seen the latest Russian tank/APC models. Serious armour.

  4. No “austerity” or “fiscal cliff” or “deficit” when it comes to the Pentagon spending. Only when it comes to spending on U.S. citizens.

    Then when unemployment or health care or etc…comes up, we’re “broke” and we need “austerity” and we’re going over a “fiscal cliff” and we have a huge “deficit”.

    Remember all that? When they brainwashed us with those words in the “news” 24×7…but on ly for PUBLIC spending?

    Endless spending for endless wars.

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