Propaganda Alert: Every vaccine you should have as an adult, in one chart

Vox – by Julia Belluz

It’s incredibly easy for adults to lose sight of which vaccines they do (or don’t) have. Doctors administer many of the shots as babies, and tracking down a childhood pediatrician isn’t exactly the simplest task in the world.

With this in mind, we created this guide to the vaccines you should have at every age.  

vaccine schedule

Right now, with the Disneyland measles outbreak, there’s a lot of interest in the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Here are four things to know about that shot in particular:

  1. If you were born before 1957 — and before the measles vaccine existed — you are probably safe since you likely suffered through a bout of measles.
  2. For those born after 1957, you were probably vaccinated with either one or two doses of the MMR vaccine. If you got the vaccine in childhood, you’re protected for life. One dose is more than 90 percent effective; two are more nearly 100 percent effective. Health officials told us one is enough to protect you from measles.
  3. If you’re still not sure about whether you’re immunized, you can also ask your doctor for a blood test that will give you an answer within a couple of days.
  4. According to several pediatricians and public-health officials we spoke to, there’s no harm in getting a second dose if you’re not sure. For this reason, they suggested just skipping the blood test and getting a dose anyway to save yourself from extra doctors’ appointments.

For more detailed information about dosing, see the CDC’s vaccines schedules and talk to your doctor.

5 thoughts on “Propaganda Alert: Every vaccine you should have as an adult, in one chart

  1. Don’t do vaccines. Don’t do white coats either unless i have a broken bone, or laceration that needs to be sewn up.

  2. Absolutely agree. When I got my insurance changed a little over a year ago I did go for a first visit just to meet the doctor. He did spend a lot of time with me and seemed genuinely caring. However, he mentioned a full lab work up and I said doc I don’t need one and if you do not mind I will call on you should I need you. Otherwise I am fine. I do not go looking for trouble I avoid it altogether and do preventative. It must work I am 74 and other than some arthritis I am fine.

    1. Same here at age 65. My medicare meet ‘n’ greet is coming up in March. I’ll be doing the same thing.
      . . .

  3. I count 33 – 35 (before age 60). Can’t recall getting more than half a dozen when I was a kid (born ’53).

    Something seriously wrong with this picture.

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