Propaganda Alert: Iran in “Open War” with Israel – Syria Chemical Weapons a Threat to Israel

Nunez Report  President Shimon Peres on Monday condemned Syrian government statements that it would deploy chemical weaponsin the event of a foreign invasion, and said Israel would do whatever it takes to eliminate the threat these weapons pose to the Jewish state.

“Use of chemical weapons is internationally forbidden,” he said in a CNN interview with Elise Labott. “We shall not remain indifferent and tell them, ‘Do what you want.’”

Asked how far Israel was prepared to go to prevent Syrian chemical weapons from being used or transferred to terrorist organizations, Israel’s octogenarian leader replied, “Until it will stop being a danger.”

Peres and Labott also discussed the issue of the rising violence in Syria and the growing number of refugees fleeing the conflict. According to the Local Coordination Committees at least 130 Syrians were killed on Sunday, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that over1,200 were killed in the last week.

Regarding a potential influx of refugees to Israel, Peres said that any forceful attempts by Syrians to cross Israel’s border would be met with force. Attempt to cross the border peacefully but illegally, he said, would be stopped with civilian means, “the way any country defended [sic] her border.”

Until now, he added, no Syrians fleeing from President Bashar Assad’s forces had requested asylum, “and I don’t anticipate that anyone will.”

Asked about the Burgas attack in which five Israelis were killed and dozens more were injured, Peres reiterated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s accusation that Iran and Hezbollah stood behind the suspected suicide bombing. He asserted that there was enough hard evidence to implicate Iran and its proxy Hezbollah in the terrorist attack.

“It’s an open war of Iran against Israel” and more attacks are being planned against Israeli targets, Peres said.

11 thoughts on “Propaganda Alert: Iran in “Open War” with Israel – Syria Chemical Weapons a Threat to Israel

  1. What about Palestine the Israeli concentration camp with six million deprived of all human rights.

    What about their continual seizure of the West Bank land and water supply for illegal settlements.

    What about the many Palestinians including countless children killed every week as though they were dogs.

    What about the Israeli stockpile of 300 nuclear weapons and their promise to destroy the entire world if Israel is endangered.

    What about factually renaming America as the United Puppet States of Israel.

    What about saying to these zionist thugs to get out of everyones lives and take all their rotten corrupt politicians, their thieving zionist corporate FED and their due entitled banks to all usury along with their corrupt fascist judiciary system back to their zionist hell hole in the Middle East.

    Why not Ron Paul and the Constitution working for the people so that wealth can be created instead of destroyed.

  2. “Use of chemical weapons is internationally forbidden,” he said in a CNN interview with Elise Labott. “We shall not remain indifferent and tell them, ‘Do what you want.’” President Shimon

    OH!!!!!…… So then I hope you (Shimon) don’t mind getting rid of YOUR chemical weapons of mass destruction, too. Oh you won’t? Oh…I see how it is. You’re special in a Satanic sort of way.

  3. Collective punishment is also internationally forbidden and has been used by Israel for years in Palestine. Attacking ships in international water is also a violation. Total disregard for international law precludes Israel from criticizing anyone about potential violations until they decide to demonstrate that international law applies to them, too.

  4. Let’s do a little math here.
    Using ‘government’ standards:
    12 dead in Colorado shooting = a massacre
    1,200 killed last week in Syria = (dare I say it?) A HOLOCAUST?

  5. What about the 300 plus nukes Israel has. Are they not considered WMD .
    What about the fact that Israel has not signed the NPT but is still a nuclear power.
    What about all the money US and Canada send to Israel which is completely illegal according to our treaties because Israel has not signed the NPT.

    Has Israel ever paid us back…… oh yeah.. the USS Liberty, The Turkish ship going to Gaza and the conspiracy people say 911.

    What a bang for you buck……

  6. @ PJCanuck: Last count I heard, Zionist scumbag Israel has 400 plus nukes.
    Unfortunately, they’re insane enough to use them.

  7. The non-semitic khazar ‘jews’ from Russia, that follow the satanic talmud
    are the greatest liars,thieves and genocidal inbreds to ever disgrace the pages of human history, the problem is that in our whitewashed fraudulent ‘history’
    the decisive role of that mass-murdering, history-falsifying ashke-NAZI scum is turned on its head, and the greatest mass-murdering vermin presents its ‘cosmology of eternal victimhood’ as truth and the victims of their schemes, the nations destroyed,plundered and looted, the once healthy societies subverted and poisoned,
    are painted as the evildoers, thereby warranting another justification for talmudic vengeance by their insane zionist brethren. And don’t get me started on their hollowco$t scam, these hypocrites killed tens of millions
    christians under their boshevik reign of terror, slaughter Palestinian children
    daily and have the audacity to blackmail the world into accepting their every
    demand, because of their absolutely grotesque exaggerations to the extent of the kabbalistic vav/6 (million?)
    The hipocrisy of these ‘people’ is simply incomprehensible for a moral person. They project their own crimes and lies onto everybody else.
    Their talmudic ‘morality’ which actually is absence of any morals teaches them from childhood on that lying is not lying, stealing is not stealing and killing is not klling, when the ‘other one’ is a goy. False-flag terror is as easy as pie for them,even a duty – a mitzvah. Get ready for the big one!
    We know – the global mind knows – their time is coming to an end.

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