7 thoughts on “Protecting the Elites from YOU

  1. The outlawing of GcMAF in the US and Europe and the murders of holistic doctors like Bradstreet who gave GcMAF to patients with great success rates isn’t about stopping bogus medicine. It’s about protecting the criminal psychopathic elites (who likely stole the GcMAF that has been seized in the US and Europe for themselves) from you–carrying out the Georgia Guidestone/UN/Agenda 21 plan to reduce the world’s population to 500 million.

  2. Recently, more of the sheeple “that I quit pointing this fact out to” are coming back to me saying I was right. I believe they were to scared to believe that everything they had been taught in school and see on the boob tube is all BS. They now have the “They live” glasses on and do not look at things the same.
    After years of germination, my seeds are sprouting.

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