Putin Orders Nuclear Deterrent Forces on Highest Alert

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Vladimir Putin put Russia’s nuclear deterrent forces on highest alert on Sunday.

Putin justified his actions after top NATO officials made “aggressive statements against our country.”

NBC News reported:

President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military’s nuclear deterrent forces to be on alert as international tension builds over Russia’s four-day-old invasion of Ukraine.

Putin said in a meeting of top officials on Sunday that the move was in response to leading NATO powers making what he called “aggressive statements,” according to Tass, the state-owned Russian news agency.

Russia, like the United States, has thousands of nuclear warheads that it maintains as a deterrent to an attack.

Gateway Pundit

5 thoughts on “Putin Orders Nuclear Deterrent Forces on Highest Alert

  1. Not all, but many wars have the face of absurdity. This current one, even more so. It stands as a solid example of arrested development: humans displaying a gross level of immaturity, with many sub-levels of cruelty, greed, and insecurity. Were they intact, secure-in-themselves as whole human beings, they’d not have to steal and murder. Any fresh-out-of-college psychologist will tell you that. Their war plays in the news and on the screen as very naughty and demented fifth graders playing backyard war-games. “Here, take that you dictator.” And the response, “No, it is you. You are the dictator!!”

    Besides shaming them and readying to do away with them we should be mocking them. Like, “Look at the as*hole leaders trying to convince us of the necessity of this death and destruction” And all the while, they sit safe in cushy bunkers likely stocked with the best and oldest brandy. It is the phenomenon of the sickness of stupidity and deceit, but mostly of greed. As for the people of the world, I’d wager they’ve seen enough of the games and genocides and are not buying in to the latest spectacle. I bet the real “Reset” is actually about reminding human beings who they truly are and that they are NOT SLAVES!!


    1. Nice Galen, these willing soldiers of the NWO (aka; Governments and their purported elected hierarchy) are run by; we know who! and we haven’t heard a peep from the kikes in Tel Aviv…!

      They’re scheming and monitoring while they pull these NWO triggers.

      Just as the CV19 narrative is collapsing and the exposures of the ill effects of their Bio weapon are pouring out they must switch to their back up plans, and martial law will follow as this proceeds; at least when they do that we can start our fight here!

      Bottom line, it is all a well planned orchestrated agenda that involves all of the past events like ingredients to make their NWO.

      The people of this world, in the countries everywhere need and must stand up and refuse to be played by these scum again.

      I would wager everything and my own life that the average everyday folks like us do not want war with we the people here!

      And that goes for all countries around our
      Planet. It is and has always been these illuminist, and the rest of their ilk (puppets) whom orchestrate these wars for every aspect of their ultimate agendas; mammon, population reduction and their racial superiority beliefs!

      No more, never again…! We the people as individuals will have to stand and fight even those claiming to be “our” brethren, as they ramp up this scenario of War!

      Remember when the armories actually had weapons in them!? I know you do…!

      Let the games begin I guess, we the people are watching and waiting for these scum to “go for it” they can’t help themselves, and nor can we!

      1. Thank you, Norm. So true. And made me think of the “soldiers” signing up, IN ALL COUNTRIES!! I’m hating that, but I know the global zio-war-orchestrators ordered all countries to appeal to (draft, conscript, coerce, tempt) the most desperate, impoverished, and usually uneducated, that they might take the militaristic dangling carrot and earn a wage beyond what McDonald’s pays and a pension to boot. They grabbed at it, like the brass ring, taking oaths, vowing patriotism, and then were sent here and there to fight for them and those, to fight for Israel. What a trap. But they should know better by now and should refuse such deadly service. You’re either a soldier for real freedom or you’re fighting for slavery and worse.


    2. galen, this indigenous war chief reminds us that an authority still exists, over these lands that were never ceded, upon which the Corporation built its citadels using resources that were never theirs to build with, not to mention, dig out of the ground to sell to foreign markets. He talks about flags and how the confederate and nazi flags were so hypocritically called out, while a certain other flag stands for racism and genocide, far worse.
      https://youtu.be/dgHQcAZm1LU Who has the authority?

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