QUARANTINE: A Possible Local Government Solution For Brazoria County. A Deterrence That Might Keep illegal Unaccompanied Minors Out of Manvel Texas?

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On Tuesday July 22, 2014. Brazoria County Texas. The county commission voted unanimously in a resolution that they will not use county money to fund these illegal aliens in their jurisdiction. So how does the Federal Government respond to the county’s resolve saying no to these unaccompanied minors who entered the country illegally?

In Manvel Texas inside Brazoria County. The Federal Government does not care what the American people think. The Shiloh treatment center has received a 5 million dollar grant from Washington DC to house these unaccompanied minors who entered the county illegally.  The residents near by are outraged because these children who are possible disease carriers are coming in their back yard.This is against the wishes of the people of Brazoria county Texas.  

I think we have to go a few steps further than what was done in Marietta California to make a real statement not to Washington DC. But to the  people thinking about crossing the border violating our laws. That is they will not feel welcome making life hard to function so it is better they return home to their country than be among a hostile population . I am not for these people being harmed. I do not hate them at all. It is tough love to tell them that they have to deal with the problems in their country and not flee. We have to send a message this is how they will be treated if they do not respect our laws that comes from the people of these United States.

If the government brings these unaccompanied minors into the county. The people of Brazoria county ought to contact the County Health Department and Sheriff Charles Wagner. If they arrive at the facility in Manvel Texas. Since these  children have been documented bringing in contagious diseases like Tuberculosis, the Bubonic Plague and Hanson’s disease(leprosy). The County Sheriff ought to direct the health department to lock down the facility with a quarantine not allowing them to go into the population. All the children should get tested for TB. If there is children with symptoms of tuberculosis and the plague. Since all the staff and children have been exposed. LOCK DOWN with deputies and an armed posse guarding the building.  No one enters and no one leaves the building. Because it is a public health issue.

If cities and counties did this nationwide locking down these illegal unaccompanied minors in buildings because they are exposed to contagious diseases. Ann action like this nationwide could throw a monkey wrench into the whole operation of Cloward and Piven. This might stop these people coming across the Mexican border if they might fear be locked down in a building. That can worse then being deported. The writ of Habeas corpus would not apply because of the public safety requires they be isolated from the population.

I might be wrong about this solution to Washington arrogance. For those thinking about making the journey north. If there are reports being locked down in a building under quarantine because the people they went along with have symptoms of Tuberculosis. Since they are exposed being around a carrier. it might take months before they see day light might make them think twice before they take the trip north.

We the people with working with local government have to be the deterrence. Illegal aliens do not fear the border patrol or the US Government. But we can make them fear we the people when they break our laws without harming a hair on their heads. Do you agree?



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  1. Clay Hill is the president and director of the “nonprofit” Shiloh Residential Treatment Center, and Everet E Kennemer III is vice president, director, and secretary.

    For a real eye opener on the profits and scam related to Shiloh and the now-closed Daystar RTC, read the article at hope4kidz, http://www.hope4kidz.org/news/dayStar.html.

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