The Issue for the 2012 Election will be Taxes, yeah that’s right, taxes

Well, the extension of the Bush era tax cuts has come around again.  We must be coming up on another debt ceiling.  We have determined that the scam being run on the United States is cyclical and the renewal of the Bush era tax cuts is no different.  Obama will stand his ground and John Boehner will be unmoving and then the bills will come in.  In the end, reluctantly of course and because he has absolutely no other choice, Obama will extend the tax cuts for all….for jobs, of course.

Meanwhile, another tax will be coming to town for the Obamacare.  This tax is almost exclusively to be paid by those making $100,000 per year and down.  And it is the largest tax to be implemented since the New Deal.  In the end, the filthy rich international elitists will continue to pay no tax while the working poor and middle class will be further destroyed via Obama/Romney Care.

They are making a whole lot out of this old phony dispute in saying it will affect the election.  People, the election is a fraud, just like every other activity being perpetrated by this socialist insurgency.  You see, our enemies want the chant to be “Obamacare tax” and “Bush era tax cuts” “this is what the election is all about.”

We are supposed to completely dismiss reality and forget about the treachery that is the proverbial elephant in the living room.

  • Forget about the NDAA, Sections 1021 and 1022.
  • Forget about HR 347 Trespass Legislation.
  • Forget about the Emergency Resources Executive Order.
  • Forget about the Dream Act Executive Order.
  • Forget about Eric Holder’s gunrunning and dope dealing.
  • Forget about the DEA’s dope dealing and money laundering.
  • Forget about Hillary Clinton and the UN Small Arms Treaty.
  • Forget about the ongoing implementation in the United States of UN Agenda 21.
  • Forget about Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital exporting industry and jobs out of the country.
  • Forget about Mitt Romney’s signing of gun bans in Massachusetts.
  • Forget about Mitt Romney’s offshore accounts and investments in the very banks that perpetrated the mortgage derivatives fraud.
  • Forget about Mitt Romney went to the Bilderberg meeting where he sold his soul.
  • Forget about the $38 trillion stolen from the American people by the international banksters.
  • Forget about the ongoing theft of our natural resources.
  • Forget about the election fraud in the GOP primaries and caucuses.
  • Forget it all and dismiss any and all notions of a reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution.

Screw you, international corporate mafia/global elite/new world order/illuminati we will forget nothing and we will continue to come at you with everything we have until you are brought to justice and are reduced to nothing more than a memory we have to keep alive, in order to make sure no others like you ever get a foothold within our country again.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “The Issue for the 2012 Election will be Taxes, yeah that’s right, taxes

  1. The people have no leaders, they have whores for the entitled, all laws are passed for the entitled, the corrupt judiciary acts for the entitled, taxes divert money to the entitled, media delivers the message 24/7 of the entitled, never ending wars are started and destabilization of countries around the world for the entitled.

    Everything that is done is to benefit the entitled. They act and believe that they are the entitled to your wealth, your liberty, and your life. There is an enormous scam for the entitled ones in almost everything. Socialism is just for the rich and not the poor who are given their crumbs.

    Do not support their system, find ways, make suggestions on web sites such as this. Write to church leaders and demand they speak up against these alien parasites that are anti all religious core values of total honesty, integrity, respect for others. Demand the church supports Ron Paul for the people and not the Keynan or the Mormon for the corporations and bankers. Do not be a coward, do something every day to advance the cause of your freedom. Demand without compromise that Thy will be done.

    Use these simple words, they are an extremely powerful mantra against tyranny. They have been used for thousands of years but their powerful meaning has been neglected.

  2. if that really is the issue for this election cycle then those who make the issues are not paying attention or they have motives they prefer to not make public.

  3. Regarding the healthcare tax, at least for now the IRS has no penalty for not paying, but will withhold it from refunds. Exactly has you said, the little guy has no way out, while the rich have the ‘option’ of paying it. It can’t stay that way. Penalties and jail time will be added, if they haven’t already been, for willful noncompliance, just as it is for any other IRS code violation. Washington is just waiting until we’re focused on something else and the last checks clear before they make their final improvements.

    Most people without insurance are not rich, because it was always a bullshit argument that people did without insurance just for the hell of it. So the tax is on those least able to afford it. But the government also claims an average $4000 tax credit will go out to subsidize the healthcare industry by making our forced insurance purchase more ‘affordable’. Yeah right, subsidy and forced purchase will bend the cost curve alright… up.

  4. Celeste made an excellent comment on another story previously posted on this site, and I think it bears repeating: It’s not ‘Obamacare’, it’s ‘Obamadoesn’tcare’.

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