Radio Host Adam Kokesh Arrested in Philly


Former marine, radio host and political activist Adam Kokesh was arrested at a marijuana legalization assembly in Philadelphia today, according to Facebook posts.

In a video of the Smoke Down Prohibition rally, policemen can be seen entering a crowd of activists, and shortly afterwards emerging with Kokesh in tow.  

According to his Facebook page, Kokesh “hadn’t even smoked yet,” while “other protesters were actually smoking and released after arrest…,” leading us to wonder why he was being arrested/assaulted in the first place.

Kokesh was reportedly hauled away in a white Chevy Suburban, but an update states he has already been released from jail.

The talk radio host recently garnered national attention when he announced a July 4th armed march on Washington D.C. in defiance of the capitol’s firearms laws. As of yet, it’s unclear whether his connection to the upcoming event had anything to do with his arrest today.

20 thoughts on “Radio Host Adam Kokesh Arrested in Philly

    1. Yes….. interesting. At no time was the idiot Kokesh placed in handcuffs on this video. Reminded me of the video of an occupy Wall Street protest when a young woman (my guess was a policewoman infiltrator) was gently taken by the upper arms, never cuffed, and walked off from the protest by some big gentle cops (that’s an oxymoron these days, isn’t it?).

      So….. does this mean their budget for crisis actors is at zero?

  1. “Unclear if there is a connection”…..
    Who they trying to bullshit.
    All KINDS of things could go wrong on his proposed march.
    Personally, I think it’s a bad idea….that with a back step or two…could be salvaged…
    I don’t think he’s a total shill.
    I think appeals to the ruling class in mass displays of defiance if fruitless.
    We’d be better off having a non-compliance …something….
    All they know how is money.
    We shut off the money and down they go.
    We can do that from home. Voting with your wallet and feet…
    Throughout history, only refusal to comply with the means to back it up has ever stopped tyranny.

    1. #1
      I agree. Now, his conditions of release by the judge will be to not leave the state while out on bail. oop’s… He can’t march on DC now!!! It was planned!

      1. Not what I was thinking at all, Smilardog.

        Since we’ve all been bad-mouthing him on the alternative news sites (the legitimate ones, not the ones like AJ’s, etc.) maybe they felt the need to boost his credibility to entice more suckers into joining him for the purpose of separating them from their firearms.

        1. No, that’s what I was thinking!
          As far as what you were thinking… who would want to follow a dumb ass who get arrested at a pot protest. I sure the hell wouldn’t follow a guy into a felony gun charge when he can’t even go to a pot protest without getting busted. I don’t understand your thinking. A stunt like that would make less people want to follow him, not more.

          1. It would reinforce the illusion that he’s NOT controlled opposition, no?

          2. To Similardog–
            “A stunt like that would make less people want to follow him, not more.”

            This would be true, unless this stunt is another scripted event with the followers being actors.

  2. Yeah he’s just another jewish shill. My goodness don’t take ANY thing he says seriously. I figure this was a prearranged stunt to hype his “street cred” so to speak. Besides Scott, I noticed you said he’s not a “total shill”. Does that imply he’s a shill partially, usually, almost always or just on really good days? He is controlled opposition.

  3. At first I was against the march, but then I thought, “well someone has to do something”. I think 10,000 men would be better.

    1. “Better 10,000 men?
      A shit I don’t give.”
      WTF? Anyone foolish enough to march on DC with Kokehead deserves to be disarmed, felonated(is that a word?), and sent to “re-education camps.”

      No thanks, I’ll continue in guerilla mode.

  4. My money says it was a miniature false flag event to give him and his march some legitimacy that would help him recruit more brain dead sheep for the coming “staged event” in D.C.
    The truth about this zio-shill is all over the net,..and scores of people are waking up…..vast numbers simply aren’t going to fall for an Occupy Wall Street type of script anylonger..

    grasping for straws

  5. As far as I’m concerned, Adam Kokesh is a judas goat leading any sheep that will march with him on July 4th right to the slaughter. The Jews who say they are, but are not, are good at that-remember the Jews under Hitler who helped with the destruction of the true Jews? Just remember the Noahide laws that they can’t wait to put into effect. Can you say “beheading” anyone?!!

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