99ers HR 589 Supporters Web Filters – To What Lengths Will They Go To Stop Us?

Many 99ers have and are wondering why there seems to be two kinds of people in this country; that is those who know who we are and those who do not.  Say hello to the internet filters, or censorship by any other name.  The internet search engines have evidently taken it upon themselves to decide what article you want to read when you type Barack Obama or Ron Paul into your search engine.

In short, this is what they are doing.  If you are one of those unfortunate Americans who are still trapped in the false left-right paradigm, you know what?  Google knows and is going to help you stay stupid.

If you tend to conduct searches that create a pattern that shows you are a liberal Democrat, when you type in Obama, the liberal Democratic articles automatically go to the top of the list, thus saving you the trouble of having to read any alternative views.

Likewise, if you are a neo-con Republican and have created a pattern to that genre, your search, when you type in Obama, will procure articles at the top of the list that project a neo-con point of view.

And of course neither the neo-con nor the socialist liberal is subjected to the patriotic American view.  This censorship, which the internet search engines have taken it upon themselves to implement, is designed to keep our people divided as much as possible and to perpetuate the fraud of the false left-right paradigm.

We build our sites not with the intent of reiterating our common view, but rather for the purpose of enlightening those who do not yet understand the attack we the people, our Constitution, and our Republic are under as we want our fellow citizens to understand that our government is infiltrated with traitors who serve the international corporate mafia, who are hell bent on robbing us of our natural resources and enslaving us.

Make no mistake, the traitors among us fear the internet above all other things as it represents their greatest obstacle in controlling our thoughts and actions.  The international corporate mafia and their advocates in our government are losing the information war and are becoming desperate to the point that they are actually releasing memorandums to the police agencies that say that those who want to end the Federal Reserve and reinstate a constitutional monetary system in our country, should be put on lists and treated as domestic terrorists.

People, this thing is coming to a head so don’t be surprised when the most outrageous things you could ever imagine begin to happen.  The American people of the American race et.al. are united and are about to put Ron Paul into the Oval Office which would spell catastrophe to our enemies.  I think they understand that if they kill Ron Paul they will find themselves in the middle of a revolution before they can say don’t do that.

Now we find out about this so called filtering at the same time our enemies are pushing for the cyber control act.  This is a classical tactic of war.  They want to break our communication but at this point, it is too late.  If they shut the net down today and left us with only the mainstream propaganda machine, it would only serve to feed our anger until we get Ron Paul in office.  After which the draconian act would simply be overturned and we would be right back in business.  They know this.

The last time Ron Paul ran for president, many police agencies were sent memorandums that said anyone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker should be considered a right wing terrorist.

I will tell you what terror is to them.  Terror is the Constitution of the United States which is getting ready to topple them from power and bring them to justice.  Make no mistake; they hate everything about the Constitution as it was specifically designed to keep the chains on them that they are presently trying to put on us.

No matter what they do, we cannot waiver.  If they have their CIA perpetrate another false flag event we must identify it as such and refuse it for the fraud it is.  They may even try to get us into a bigger, bolder war.  If they do we must shout our dissent until we vote Ron Paul into office, after which he can end it along with the rest of these lying wars.

It is exhilarating to watch our people coming together as one, determined to reinstate the Republic under the Constitution, even if that means exercising our 2nd Amendment to do so.  No sane person wants war but every free citizen must come to the resolve that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees.  And I know that is what it has come to.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The international corporate mafia are the real terrorists! They are trying to blow our rights as stated in The Constitution, and our lives away. Yet in defending ourselves we are the terrorist? lol By calling us that, we are suppose to freeze in fear. Well we are not children and we understand their pathetic and desperate psychology. I know that Big Brother is always watching. Everything we do is recorded, what we buy, what we read and where we go. This is the begining of the “Enemy Of The State” way of tracking and controlling us. Remember that movie with Will Smith? So What! This will bite them in the butt as well. Whether the revolution will be televised or not, there will be one. I adovate for a non bloody but totally effective one. One that will restore our Constitution and our rights! Sooner or later the people will rise to the challenge.

  2. I don’t know if it’s my paranoid imagination or not. But the suggestion I made to infiltrate all internet comments with a statement regarding help for the 99ers brings me to the realization that quite a few Pro Republican articles don’t allow comments. So no one can question or comment on the story? Is it just me or does anyone else notice this? If you agree determine if this is per story or the publication itself? Just wondering!

      1. I didn’t didn’t pay much attention or track them at the time. I’ll keep track in the future! It didn’t really click until I read this article!

  3. Re Post:

    To 99ers and anyone that can help, please read the following!
    I have a suggestion since we can’t get the main stream media news programs to broadcast our critical unemployment situation referred to as 99ers, why don’t we flood the internet with our plight? Our biggest problem is the lack of media attention. Since we don’t have the transportation money to march on anywhere, Washington D C, our State Capitols our City Halls or even our local Unemployment Offices. On a daily basis I suggest we flood the internet with a simple message. If someone can word this better than I, any suggestions are welcome.

    **Please excuse this desperate interruption to your comments. For over a year, millions of Americans called 99ers have gone without any income or jobs, because none are available. We are not being covered by the news stations. We need your support! We need Jobs or help not welfare. For more information please Google “99ers” “Tier V”.**
    **“Wikipedia says” “99ers is a colloquial term for unemployed people in the United States, mostly citizens, who have exhausted all of their unemployment benefits, including all unemployment extensions”.
    We need your help and support because The President, The Senate, Congress and the News Media have ignored suffering Americans with families and no means of support. We are becoming, homeless, destitute, suicidal and plain desperate. We need the help and support of every American to help our cause until jobs become available.**
    Insert this message in every comment area of every story on the internet at least once.
    We should abide by some rules; please don’t repeat it over and over in the same story this would be annoying. Don’t use caps, this is also annoying. No profanity. This is not annoying it’s just rude. If a comment area only holds a few characters then only use the 1st paragraph. Or as much of it as possible!
    This may be just annoying enough to get the mass media attention we need from the main stream media news stations. Consider it a non violent demonstration using the media that’s currently available to us without requiring any money.
    Your comments on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Even the negative ones!

  4. I myself am aso called 99er. I have just been evicted from my home I have worked all my life until the NAFTA bill screwed me along with millions of others. I have sold everything I have except my bed an dog. I have often thought of suicide, because of no job. I keep thinking it is going to get better soon. I have had 2 interviews in the past 3 months, but the job has gone to a kid in his twenties. I am 48yr old. An main stream manufacturing is a joke anymore even if i can find a job, it isnt gonna pay 8-9hr and they want to work you like a dog and have no appreciation for the job you do for them. but i will take that job if i could find it, because i have nothing anymore, i have lost everything i have worked for, now my pride an dignity is next, and then finnally my very life. And when that time comes I plan to blow my head off at the steps of the whityehouse so they can see the desperation that everyone is dealing with, PASS HR 589, BEFORE I Pass!

    1. Ed, your committing suicide will only show up as a small blip on the mass media’s radar, if at all. Remember they control the news!
      That option is like a Holocaust victim committing suicide. ” If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there, does it make a sound”.
      You’re more valuable to us alive and screaming than deathly silent!
      Make some noise! Everywhere you can! Especially on line!
      Please don’t let me read another blog saying “they got rid of another one”.

  5. On Thursday, Barry will announce billions of dollars in aid for Egypt and Tunisia.
    I guess 99ers should go there to get an extension. We would stand a better chance.
    What a bunch of bullshit that the country is broke.

  6. Glenn I like your idea. Egypt started their revolution with the internet so it is clearly effective. We should flood U-Tube also.
    Ed, whatever you do hang in there. Our politicians won’t blink, it will be just one person they have to listen to. We need all of us to make sure those in power now, are not elected again.
    I am not a conspiracy theory person by a long shot, but I need to get this off my chest as I’ve never told anyone, it wouldn’t make anyone feel better.
    I am not a mormon, but my kids (adult kids) have been since birth. For their sake I have been supportive. It’s probably been about 15 years now since I have been in touch with a wonderful family of 4 boys and 1 girl – they were like the Osmonds to me, good looking, very intelligent and successful. They were always doing something for someone. Anyway the oldest son decided to join the CIA. I always thought that was odd for someone with such high standards to do. A couple years later he committed suicide. Maybe he was clinically depressed, I don’t know, but I couldn’t help but think it was his job. How could someone so nice work for a bunch of thugs, what did he have to compromise. It has always bothered me, especially now when I know intellectually that our elected politicians are unbelievably corrupt. Emotionally I still believe in Obama and hope he comes through for us, but my faith is rapidly diminishing.
    What is to become of our country? What about that guy (know his name, but cant remember his name and have no interest in straining my brain to remember) who got a law passed regarding obese children. (I am not even close to being fat, so no prejudice here) but what the heck?? Talk about crippling a child’s self esteem besides the fact that not all obese children grow up to be obese. This same politician lost a lot of weight himself which is what started the whole thing. I see now that he is gaining it back rapidly. He is a piece of crap hiding behind evangelicals and purporting to be a Christian. OMG I get so angry thinking about it – laws against obesity, what next, laws about being ugly made by ugly politicians. How does this happen it is an intrusion of our privacy.
    More power is going to be given to police so that they can come into our homes just on suspicions.
    I fear for my daughter’s future and for her children and husband.
    Oh, and I guess I just have to be euthanized at 80 because that is when social security runs out and medicare runs out sooner than that. That’s okay, just give me every last cent of what I paid into the system in order to get medicare.
    Oh well, with China and Pakistan getting friendly, we’ll probably all be gone by then anyway!
    Sorry, guess I needed to vent.

    1. You needn’t be sorry Laura, for that was a good vent. Been known to do that on more than one occasion myself. Peace

    2. Laura this is the place to vent! We may not know you personally but we all feel your pain including yours Edward.
      Ed suicide may not hurt you but it will hurt your family, friends even us. You’re more valuable to us as a voice please don’t silence that voice raise it. Don’t give them the satisfaction of “well we got rid of another one”. That’s exactly what they want us all to do just die off!

  7. Yes Laura ummmm….I’m trying to think of his name too. While he was governor his son was accused of torturing and hanging a stray dog. The governor defended his son, by stating the dog had mange and was emaciated. But failed to mention his son slit the dog’s throat and stoned it too. The governor fired the head of the state police for refusing to cover up his son’s crime. Ummmmm…..still thinking! Have I mentioned that he was voted “ASSHOLE OF THE MONTH” somewhere?

  8. Ed, there is no cure for suicide! You can do so much more alive!!! At the least just get a sign and paint 99er on it. Walk in front of the White House with it and other public areas as well as TV stations in Washington. Ask friends, family and everyone to visit local government offices and TV stations to do the same. The problem is we are not getting media exposure. If you stay online then it just stays online. Everyone who has a job quits paying attention to those who don’t. We must consolidate our efforts into 1 large mass of accountable and unforgotten people. The IRS knows our quarterly (monthly) income. Can we get the stats from them? The unemployment compensation offices in our states use that income to determine our unemployment check (when we qualified for it). We can be counted but we have to go to the right source. The BLS (Google it) surveys 60,000 people a month to figure out the unemployment rate. That is the only way we are counted! The problem with that is they only interview 7,500 new people per month. The other 52,500 are being monitored for 8 months with the same questions on the survey. In a country where our income is recorded monthly (except some self employed and volunteers) why can’t we use the same technology to get the most accurate picture for our true unemployment rate? If we had that info then the media would listen! We also must find a way to reach those who don’t have computer access or find “fromthetrenchesworld.com”. We must be smart about this!

    PS. Copy and paste this on other 99er and unemployment sites and keep the message alive!

    1. We need all the help we can get. Especially Ed, I never want to knock anyone’s help for the 99ers however I never had much faith in statistics (the so called random polls). In all my years I have never and I mean never received a call from Gallup, CNN, ABC, or even Neilson (TV ratings).

      I ask my co-workers from time to time if they have ever been polled. The answer was mostly no, most of the time with a couple saying I think so, but I don’t remember who or what for!

      Not only are these numbers rigged if they actually do call I bet they target a specific group. If you want a favorable answer poll a favorable group. For a positive employment count use a state with low employment. Then tell everyone a certain # of Americans polled said there is no unemployment problem.

      I Googled “which state has the lowest unemployment rate?” The answer was NORTH DAKOTA with 3.6 percent. Now if I were to do a poll there, unemployment would be no problem. The resulting poll would indicate “Americans were polled”, and there is no employment problem.

      I wonder how many people reading this have ever received a call from Gallup, and if so how many times. Have you!

      Don’t get me wrong! You’re right; we need all the help we can get. However just because I Googled it, I’m still not sure what North Dakota’s employment rate really is?

      For those that can’t travel, ON LINE is the only way we can communicate. (See my comment on interrupting all on line comments with a 99ers message!) Thanks

      1. The only way we will know the actual number of 99ers there are, is when a bill is passed and they count the applicants. Not the number of checks because some people won’t be approved. That’s one of the ways the government will manipulate the number of 99ers!
        By only counting the number of those people receiving checks. Not those that found partial work and will no longer qualify for unemployment, they will not be counted. For example, those 99ers that were fortunate enough to get a McJob, may not be entitled to an extension. Another play on numbers!

      2. Glenn I have been part of the Nielsen Ratings twice, it was many years ago. I know I have received calls to take part in political surveys once or twice, I don’t remember what they were. But regardless, just like you said the numbers are skewed.

      3. Glenn, I too was polled and I remember it quite clearly. I was asked questions about some current political issues. The problem was they provided the answers, multiple choice, the view of the left wing social communist or the view of the right wing national socialist neo-cons. By the end of the third question with my shouting my true answer which opposed the multiple choice answers, they hung up on me. So much for opinion polls or any other poll for that matter.
        You are right, they select where they poll by using the percentages of the known in a particular area or areas.

  9. Hello My 99er Friends ..Just Got lucky enough to regain my Internet access at home .
    did not pay my bill so it was shut off still looking for work no luck!!!. still getting food from food banks
    99er Eli . I have had it !!!!!!
    Looks Like we have Many Californians to date . lets unite and head to Sacramento ASAP!
    I am so very tired of asking for help.. as it may be humbling it is as well embarrassing. I did not work so hard to loose it all. I cant take this anymore.
    they are not going to give us jack shit!!!!!!!

  10. 2 years ago i was writing calling reading and blogging!
    I dont do any of it anymore, this country is not the same anymore!
    I am convinced that NAFTA changed the entire deck of cards and until anybody in the congress wants to do something about it, nothing will ever change!

  11. Here’s what I believe the idiots in Washington should be concentrating on:

    #1 – Just who is collecting disability? Too many people are on SSI who ate them selves into oblivion and now weigh 400lbs. They shouldn’t be able to get assistance because they were to dumb to push there self away from the table and now OMG their back hurts or they are a diabetic. I say tell them to loose 250lbs and then come back and if they are still having problems maybe they will pass the requirements to get aid. And why are we paying SSI to all their underage children? Some of these lazy buffaloes have six or seven children. That’s nuts. They need to start investigating doctors for fraud who have recommended multiple patients for disability. They are probably receiving large payments out of the patients settlements. And SSI for people who are bi-polar? Give me a break. I bet that one’s abused all to hell. They need to go back over the list of approved disabilities and get rid of about half of them.

    #2 – Food Stamps, what a joke. I was at the grocery store and two people in front of me used their little food stamp debit cards. The clerk didn’t ask for ID from either. I asked her why she didn’t ask. She said she wasn’t required to. She had no clue if those were the people they were issued to or not. I doubt it on at least one of them.

    #3 – Get the illegals off of every Government aid program. They’re CRIMINALS. We shouldn’t be handing out checks to them. I took an elderly friend to the SS office last week. It was packed with young hispanic couples with 4 or 5 anchor babies each. What the hell were they doing there? I hope just to get SS cards but I doubt it. Most everything in the building was posted in Spanish. This is AMERICA for God’s sake.

    #4 – Discontinue pension plans for all legislators (state and federal). Why are they getting huge pension payments for a few years work? Most of them were rich before they got in office anyway. If they manage to stay in office for at least 10 years than okay let them have it but not something stupid like 200 grand a year.

    #5 – Suspend for a period of time (2 years maybe) all aid to foreign countries that doesn’t pertain strictly to poverty. Suspend indefinitely all aid to foreign countries that we don’t know what the hell they are using it for.

    #6 – Disallow unemployment to people who’s household income is $100 million a year or more. Some one driving a Mercedes or Lexus married to a doctor or lawyer and collecting 2 or 3 hundred a week in unemployment just doesn’t seem right.

    I have a much longer list but these are the ones that anger me the most. We probably could save a trillion or more a year just fixing these.

    By the way mom, I am a registered republican….some of us are out of work too you know.

    1. fed up 99er,
      We have enough of our enemies trying to divide us without our friends jumping on the bandwagon. One thing that was missing from your list was the $28 trillion stolen that the good old boy neo-con Republicans in office are trying to replace by taking from the poor and middle class. As for the person who made $100 million and is collecting unemployment, by God they paid it in, they get to collect it.
      Like I said, quit trying to divide our people, otherwise go somewhere else to do it.

  12. l really dont know why we cant revolt like middle east now…the republican just dont care…if their children finish school now , they will get job thru their connection with their friend in corporate world..am sick about this ppl…they just dont care as long as their family’re destitute they ok….i lost my marriage, lost my home live inside my car…and this congress will go to church and pray everyday like their the chosen one..osama is waitin in hell to welcome them.

  13. i meant if their family are not destitute the republiccan are ok..glen beck, rush, and the whole fox news stink…i dont need to capitalize their name bcos they all low life dirty shame

  14. i think in the next year to come the only ppl that will have job is the ppl in congress…this ppl re animals…obama is a preacher…i need clinton to come bak and make things better…obama is weak…he only care about is image…is talking about immigration bill now….i am an immigrant…election time gimmic…99ners bill please obama…i listen to my feel good preacher in church every sunday …i dont need your preaching..do what is right…i dont like president bush cos he mess up the whole thing , but bush will still help 99ners to cover up as#

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