Rancher: Wild Hogs Eat Remains of Dead Illegals

Rancher: Wild Hogs Eat Remains of Dead IllegalsInfowars – by Kit Daniels

A ranch manager in Brooks Co., Texas, said he won’t eat wild hogs caught near the border because they are known to feed on dead illegal aliens.

Feral hogs roam miles of Texas badlands between Falfurrias and the Mexican border and they’ll eat human corpses if they come across them, and the manager of the 15,000-acre Los Compadres Ranch, Wyatt Hollek, periodically finds the remains of illegals who succumbed to the harsh South Texas terrain.  

“[The illegals] just keep coming,” Hollek, 26, told National Geographic. “They all just want to get to Houston, and a lot of them die trying.”

And he won’t consume wild hogs caught south of Falfurrias because the chances of them eating dead illegals are too high.

The deaths of these illegal aliens are a repercussion of the “funnel effect” in which they attempt to avoid immigration checkpoints and Border Patrol agents by crossing hundreds of miles of scorching and often waterless terrain.

Many of them never make it to Houston or even San Antonio, and quite often ranchers only discover their bodies after they’ve been scavenged by wild hogs and buzzards.

“Half the time we see vultures, it could mean an illegal alien died on the property,” Dr. Michael Vickers of the Texas Border Volunteers toldInfowars reporter Jon Bowne.

Women in particular are routinely raped and left to die by the human smugglers they’ve paid to transport them through the U.S.

“We know for a fact that these gang members that are coyotes [human smugglers] that lead the humans through here are ruthless and heartless and if somebody gets cramped up, they walk up and leave them without calling 911 to give a location of where this person is,” Dr. Vickers added. “They tell them they’re going to die, sometimes abuse them, beat them up a little bit, slap them around and them leave them, and that’s usually where they die.”

Since 2012, at least 259 dead illegals have been found in Brooks Co. alone, including women and children.

“We’re probably only finding 20% of them,” Dr. Vickers told the Daily Mail. “A lot of people die out here.”

“We find a hell of a lot of women; three of the last ones who have died on my ranch have been women.”

A few of the illegals are found before they die, however, but they typically require expensive medical care which is exhausting the county’s public resources, especially when it comes to treating rattlesnake bites common to South Texas.

“…The anti-venom is out of Corpus Christi, and that means we have to get a helicopter down here and try to get to them within that golden hour so we can save their body,” county judge Raul M. Ramirez told Infowars, adding that the costs are incurred on taxpayers. “All these expenses we don’t budget for and the losses we have to pay for.”

Adan Salazar also contributed to this report.

Editor’s note: Video contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.


5 thoughts on “Rancher: Wild Hogs Eat Remains of Dead Illegals

  1. A fitting end for criminal wetbacks. I am sorry if I sound cold, but when a person makes the decision to illegally enter the country, they forfeit their own life. It is not the burden of American Nationals to care for people from other countries. If the people in a country do not like their government, they need to fight to make the changes they desire. Invading a country is no different than invading someone’s home. America is bankrupt, and a major part of that is the over eleven million parasites sucking the resources that rightfully belong to American Nationals. I have no issue with legal immigration, however, people who do not want to assimilate into American society (speak English for one thing) have no business coming here.

  2. Spread this story around, maybe it will at least keep the muslim terrorists from crossing.

    Pigs, guardians of our freedom. 🙂

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