Rand Paul: a humanitarian in Haiti, a pit bull in 2016

ABC News

Republican presidential contender Rand Paul has left Haiti after spending four days on a humanitarian mission to the island nation.

Paul is an ophthalmologist by training and joined six eye surgeons who restored vision to dozens of impoverished Haitians. Many lived for years in blindness because of ailments such as cataracts that are easily treated in the United States.  

The trip offered the Kentucky senator a brief respite from a presidential campaign in which his standing has slipped substantially in recent weeks. But the 2016 election — especially billionaire businessman Donald Trump’s part in it — was a regular topic of conversation when Paul wasn’t in the operating room.

The tea party firebrand intensified criticism of rivals in both parties and vowed to continue pressing Trump “until he fades away.”


3 thoughts on “Rand Paul: a humanitarian in Haiti, a pit bull in 2016

  1. just another bum boy for israel. discard. come to think of it, discard them all. who says we need to be governed anyway.
    when you vote (not that it makes any difference anyway), you are agreeing to be governed.

    1. Haha Waka Moto! That is exactly what I tell the sheep that tell me we are going to change everything and get back to the Conjob-stitution by voting for the right person! Then they tell me if I don’t vote I have no right to complain. That is when I tell them they have it exactly backwards.

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