Read The DOJ’s Criminal Complaint Against Ammon Bundy And Co.


5 thoughts on “Read The DOJ’s Criminal Complaint Against Ammon Bundy And Co.

  1. “… before they finally stormed the Malheur Wildlife Refuge,…”

    Oh, they STORMED it, alright.

    Guns a blazin’, don’cha know.

    “… alleges that Bundy’s group of militiamen also descended upon the community of Burns and scared local residents.”

    IF that’s true, then the ‘local residents’ must be a bunch of pussies who will no doubt rely on the so-called ‘government’ for ‘protection’.

    Ditch b#tches or FEMA fodder.

  2. “intimidating and interrupting life”, as stated in the complaint. They are the only one’s who “interrupted” a life here. But, they still control the narrative nationally, and, according to our all loving gooberment, they’re right, the people are wrong. Expect the MSM to come to the rescue and help call a spade a spade? Well, don’t hold your breath. If they can inflame things, they will. Then it’s “Breaking News” on CNN!

  3. #1, if they tried this $hit around here, there’s guys that have hunted these hills all their lives, and know every knook and cranny. We would have our own terrain as an advantage. I’ll be somewhere/anywhere.

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