Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand? News, Weather

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Tonight we are learning more about the Boston Marathon bombing tonight and yet there are still so many questions that have not been answered.

The biggest question of course, who is behind it?

Could it be that the FBI knows more about this attack than they are letting on?  Could they have known about the attack before hand?

Ben is looking back at some recent history in order to look forward in a Reality Check you won’t see anywhere else.


4 thoughts on “Reality Check: Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand?

  1. “Did the FBI know about Boston bombing beforehand?”

    They probably had some idea it was going to happen when they were building the bomb.

    1. al-jew-ia-duh, the worlds foremost and experienced terrorist organisation, creating war through deception for millenia!

  2. They’re just waiting until Friday to release the mystery scapegoat. They have strict orders from Obama himself, under the direction of the Zionists and Communists. Just be patient and wait another day or so.

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