Red Pill Review: Making a Killing, The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

My next review from our Red Pill Documentary page is Making a Killing, The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging. This film centers on the corrupt psychiatric drug industry in this country, and how these people are sacrificing the wellbeing of their patients in order to make a buck. The documentary is very well made and uses statements from a variety of professionals in the field of psychiatry, as well as statistical data to back its claims.

The film opens with an account of a meeting held in 1967, where leading psychiatrists from around the world planned to create a range of psychiatric drugs that would regulate every aspect of human behavior.  The film goes on to show how 100 million people worldwide are now taking these drugs.

Throughout this documentary its authors not only show how physiatrists receive money from the drug industry for prescribing these drugs, but also how a branch of the F.D.A. is responsible for making sure that these drugs are safe, receive huge amounts of money to rush these drugs through testing, so that a drug that should have been tested for years receives a testing period that is much shorter. Furthermore the film is able to show how the same people running this branch of the F.D.A. have major investments in the companies they are suppose to be regulating.

The film warns of a very Nazi-like program that is being implemented in our schools called Teen Screen, where children are being pulled from class and asked to fill out a psychiatric questionnaire, without their parents’ consent. In one case, after taking this “test” a twelve year old girl was thought to possibly be suicidal. The child was taken from the school by C.P.S. and put in a psychiatric ward were she was told that she had to take a multitude of drugs in order to see her parents.  The child’s parents were never told where their daughter was taken and not allowed to see her for six months.

This documentary also gives an account of a two and a half year old girl who was diagnosed with bipolar disease and A.D.H.D. and put on four separate psychiatric drugs. Her health quickly diminished and she died at the age of four. The film gives many examples of people who had no mental illness at all, being put on these drugs, who later committed suicide.

The facts presented in this film raise the question; why are our prisons packed with people, who have done nothing more than smoke marijuana, when these greedy monsters get away with poisoning our children? The hypocrisy of bureaucracy is truly unending.

The people of this country need to be educated on what these psychopaths are doing to us and our fellow citizens. Anyone that is taking, or knows someone who is taking a psychiatric drug needs to watch this film. Awareness must be brought to these issues before more people die in the name of money.

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