Refusing the California Fruit Nazi Checkpoint & Driving Away.

Published on Nov 5, 2013 by Gavin Seim –

This was a “State” border crossing from Nevada into CA. I’m not willing to be stopped and questioned on our highways. We finally just drove away. We were not chased down or arrested. Thanks to my wonderful wife Sondra for her support and for boldly filming.

This is the Long Valley Agriculture Check station on 395N. 10/05/12 at around 3PM – We the people must rid ourselves of this tyranny by refusing to cooperate.

We’re working our way home to Washington after a month long trip with my family and my brother working on new pictorials ( and our new film, PHOTOGRAPHICS (

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty” — Thomas Jefferson

5 thoughts on “Refusing the California Fruit Nazi Checkpoint & Driving Away.

  1. These fruit checkpoints have been around here in CA since at least the 70s that I can remember. When I go between CA and OR there is one on the CA side coming back into CA. However, there aren’t any, or weren’t any checkpoints some time ago, on the OR side.

    When I go through these checkpoints, they always ask me “do you have any fruit, plants or wood?”, whether I have anything like that with me or not, I just say “no” because it’s none of their business. I’ve never had any one of them detain me or insist that I allow them to go through my vehicle.

    Once I was visiting my parents in OR, and my mom wanted to share with me some flowering plants from her yard to bring back with me to CA. I put them into an ice chest (no ice) and have never been detained or had my vehicle ransacked. Although, I’m sure if they insisted, I would have refused.

    I understand why this guy made the video though and his point is well taken. The Nazi State is definitely clamping down on our rights as of late.
    . . .

    1. Yes Cathleen, the simple point is the indoctrination and programming through entrainment and repetition.

      But the dog collar/electric fence control will make all of these check points obsolete.

      Soon, when we venture beyond the perimeter of the “electric yard” they’ve selected for us, an ache in our hearts and head will warn us to get back where we belong.

      See above article: DHS sponsored ‘Mesh Network’ allows police to track (spy) on any with a device that has a Wi-Fi connection

  2. HAHAHA!!! I just love how he closes the window in front of the guy’s face and turns to the camera and starts talking in a “Ferris Bueller” type scenario, almost as if the inspector was Cameron talking and talking while Ferris Bueller ignores him while turning to the audience and telling them about Cameron’s problem.

    The fat tub of lard couldn’t even tell him what the 4th amendment is. He’s completely clueless and only cares about getting fat on his stupid fruit. “I’m here to protect the fruit. That’s what they pay me for. Hehe…” What a dumbass.

    Then he drops the “Are you carrying any firearms?” ball on the guy in the car after admitting that he is only a fruit inspector.

    HA! So it’s not about the fruit after all! BAM! Gotcha!

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