Reid kills Feinstein AW ban, making it even more dangerous

The Zombie that would not die. Shamelessly swiped from Soldier Systems.Bob Owens

Be wary of the crocodile tears associated with the “killing” of Diane Feinstein’s expansive and unconstitutional assault weapons ban. Harry Reid dropped the bill because he knew that if it was attached to the other gun control legislation his statist party hopes to pass, it would doom that legislation as well.

By separating Feinstein’s language, his other gun control bills stand a better chance as a package, and she has the opportunity to attempt to attach her ban to popular legislation as an amendment, making it more likely of passage, not less. 

This is not a victory for our side. It’s only a Democratic attempt to change the rules of a game they were certain to lose.

Sent to us by Jim in Washington.

5 thoughts on “Reid kills Feinstein AW ban, making it even more dangerous

    1. You will not have to. “Universal Back Ground Checks” is back door registration. 90% of all weapons purchased since “Back Ground Checks” are informally registered already. They are going after the last 5% here.

      The fix is in our so called supreme court is all set to rule the 2nd amendment ONLY applies to US Government militias such as Obama’s/FEMA/DHS brown shirts being trained (with those horrible “assault weapons”) to take our guns.

  1. Isn’t this standard politician practice straight out of the playbook? Introduce legislation so draconian that the other bills look almost reasonable. Spend a few more years building the database of who owns what weapons with the new background check rules, then stage a new false-flag attack to freshly demonize gun owners, then introduce the confiscation law again, this time with full knowledge of where they all are. It worked for Hitler, and now they are running the same problem-reaction-solution scam here.

    1. Yep and with Project Paperclip bringing in the Germans that ran Hitler’s slaughter programs we have, no doubt, the bloodlines of the original German criminals running our slaughter programs right here in the USSA.

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