‘Dead’ deer jumps out of trunk

‘Dead’ deer jumps out of trunk

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WOOD) – It was a scene similar to one in “Tommy Boy.” 

Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Officer David Miller was on routine patrol, around 2:20 a.m. Tuesday, and checking parking lots. He encountered a suspicious person sitting in a parked vehicle behind a hotel in the 3700 block of E. Cork Street.

Officer Miller contacted the male, a Kalamazoo area resident, and the two had a brief discussion.

Miller’s attention was drawn to the trunk area of the vehicle. The man hit the trunk release and said, “I hit a deer, I figured you would want to see it.”

The vehicle owner claimed to have a dead deer in the trunk. He said he accidently hit the animal with his car on an outlying area roadway, according to a news release. The man told Miller he intended on utilizing the meat from the road kill to feed his family.

“The officer merely wanted to check on the tagging of the deer to make sure it was appropriately tagged with a kill permit or accident permit,” explained KDPS Lt. Stacey Geik.

The man agreed.

Miller cautiously opened the trunk and the deer sprang from the trunk.

“Oh, he’ still alive,” Miller exclaimed as the deer emerged.

The deer jumped to the ground, fell down, got up and then ran to a nearby wooded area.

“He held his ground nicely,” Giek said of Officer Miller. “So I’m proud of him.”

The car owner was at a loss for words, police said, after realizing the deer was not as wounded as he initially had thought.

Police say there were no obvious sign the deer was actually hurt.

Geik said it’s likely the deer hit the car instead of the other way around and was simply stunned rather than actually injured in the impact.

“You just never know what you’re going to encounter,” said Geik. “You never know. There could be worse things in trunks.”


3 thoughts on “‘Dead’ deer jumps out of trunk

  1. This guy obviously ain’t too bright.

    Usually, when you kill something, it tends to cease breathing.

    On the other hand, he may well have known that.

    1. Hey #1, I saw that video and thought the same thing myself. Here in Wisconsin, we get alot of road kills. People that I know will either take the deer to feed their family or call someone to come and take the deer if their freezer is full. Nothing better than fresh backstraps fried in a little butter, onion, salt and pepper!

      1. Wow. In Tx, if you hit a deer you Can NOT take it. It’s considered the same as poaching. You Must call the Game Warden or the Hwy. Patrol. If you’re caught, you may not go straight to jail, but you’ll lose your car, hunting license, driver’s license, and get a Very large fine (possibly all of the above depending on the Game Warden {and if they discover it was shot, you’ll lose all your guns, too}). In TX, Game Wardens have more authority than Any law enforcement officer. They can come into your house at Any time Without a Warrant. All it takes is a phone call. It happened to my hubby. Fortunately, his deer & turkey were legal and properly tagged. A neighbor saw him dressing the deer and called the Warden. Within 30 mins. he was at the house. Oh, and they also can date/sex the meat in your freezer. If they determine that its illegal, they’ll confiscate the freezer and everything in it.

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