4 thoughts on “Remember those everyday Americans that kept quiet. Those days are long gone.

  1. This needs to happen everywhere
    Every sector of business

    It’s We the People that makes this country happen
    And we’re done being fcked with

    I applaud this woman and anyone like her
    It’s time we really shut this shit down

    They can’t eat cake , if we don’t make any

  2. Yeah, it’s all Joe Biden, that’s right.
    He’s such a genius he can’t even wipe his own ass!
    It’s good folks are getting their panties in a twist.
    Now they only need to figure out why, and who!

  3. We (AMERICAN NATIONALS) are constantly being f*ked with and robbed of all our wealth!!! There is no truth in the news Lies stacked upon Lies stacked upon Lies……

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