REPORT: Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

Doctors in Ontario are reportedly being advised to consider using psychiatric medicines on patients who refuse the vaccine.

During an interview at ‘Let Freedom Reign Tour,’ Physician and Cancer Researcher Dr. William Makis claimed that the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario sent out a note to doctors implying that their unvaccinated patients may be suffering from a mental illness and should be prescribed psychiatric medicine. 

“So this has come out recently out of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. The college sent out a letter or a memo to all the doctors in Ontario suggesting to them now, so far, they’re not mandating it, they’re just suggesting it, that any of their unvaccinated patients, that they should consider that they have a mental problem and that they should be put on psychiatric medication. So far, it’s just a suggestion,” Dr. Makis told Lynn Tyler Thompson.

“But the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario should not be making these kinds of suggestions. This is extremely unethical and this is a very, very slippery slope. If they’re suggesting that people who wish to have bodily autonomy and don’t want an experimental vaccine, that there may be something mentally wrong with them, that is a very, very dangerous, slippery slope that we’re on,” he continued.

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The Gateway Pundit reached out to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario for comment.

You can watch the full interview here.

This explosive expose comes after Dr. Makis spoke about the death of 93 doctors after the vaccine rollout.

It can be recalled, Dr. William Makis MD wrote a letter to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), requesting that they look into the sudden rise in mortality among Canadian medical professionals after the implementation of mandated vaccinations for medical personnel.

On his Gettr account, Makis claimed that fact-checkers were caught lying about a Canadian doctor’s sudden death.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that three physicians at Canada’s Trillium Health Partners-Mississauga Hospital died unexpectedly in the same week.

According to the nurse who shared the information, the three doctors died after the hospital started mandating the fourth Covid shot for their employees.

“Three physicians at the Mississauga hospitals have died this week,” the nurse told Monique. “1st memo Monday, 2nd Tuesday, 3rd Thursday. [The] cause of death wasn’t shared in the memo, but how many times have 3 doctors died in 1 week, days after the hospital started administering the 4th shot to staff.”

The three physicians who died the same week were Dr. Lorne Segall (July 17), Dr. Stephen McKenzie (July 18), and Dr. Jakub Sawicki (July 21).

The hospital claimed that the social media rumor that their deaths were related to the COVID-19 vaccination is “simply not true.”

Dr. Makis claimed Dr. Lorne Segall that he died suddenly of a pulmonary embolism, blood clots in the lungs, not cancer and that he was fully vaccinated when he died, according to his sources.

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13 thoughts on “REPORT: Canadian Doctor Says College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario Suggests Unvaccinated Patients are Mentally Ill and Should be Put on Psychiatric Medication

  1. I wish it didn’t happen but when I first look at a headline like this I feel punched in the stomach. Then I feel disgust about the pain it caused me. Then after some time I realize what they are doing: not only turning the jabbed against us, but taunting us. Like “Ha ha. We can diminish you, make you look sick. Ha ha.” Then I see their sickness, their EVIL sickness and I move into fighting mode. We have the criminally mentally ill telling the sane they’re mentally ill and that is criminal!! This doctor used to think a different way. Is he being threatened to say these things or else? Or could it be he’s being highly paid?


    1. It’s turning into a white knuckle toboggan ride down a very steep slippery slope of death and destruction, 3 years into 2 weeks to flatten the curve!

      We made it past all that, galen. I feel sorry for them. Sorry, not sorry. All the ones I know who took the jab(s) are developing arthritis and other conditions that show through accelerated ageing and bloating. I love what you wrote. So true.

      1. Thanks, Diana. Yeah, I’m also seeing family and friends suffering much demise after taking the shot. It’s a horror show in slow-motion.

        We have so much work ahead.


        1. The more money they make and the more letters they have behind their name, the less interested they are in learning the truth. They raise their children to be “responsible” citizens, follow the rules, wear the mask and be “the cool kids in school”. They are so arrogant about their virtue signalling that even if someone like me, who has done my patriotic duty to first seek the truth before even considering giving my rights over to the”goverment”, tells them they better learn the truth, they walk away as if I’m nuts. I am on the outs with everyone in my own family and the family I married into. What do us “lower class” people know, anyway? They may have the money and the status, but I have my health… and I have the Trenchers.

          1. What these relatives cannot see is that it is we who hold the wall that holds the monster back as they submit and get new cars and all the goodies that go along with the great ride. The damnable part of it is is they are our own family and we can’t even hold the satisfaction of knowing when that iron hand comes out of that velvet glove, which is what we must stop, they would get their due comeuppance and. suffer. These are our own relatives assisting in killing us. And though we try, we can’t hate them as we have loved them all our lives. We can’t allow them to go forward as that scenario is unacceptable.
            I’ve often wondered how during the war of northern aggression, the internationalists got a son to kill his father or a father to kill his son or brother to kill brother.
            It comes down to fortitude. We have to watch their stupidity run wild as we fight to save freedom and liberty to crush the communists.
            Don’t look at it like them outing you, you are outing them. My thought is ‘get away from me, I’m not going to let you poison me so you can perpetuate this sick and dying society.’
            Usually when people talk about this they feel like the victim. I don’t. I just sit and wonder how a people who rose so high could fall so far. When we destroy this enemy, these f-king commies know we will have to destroy our own to defeat them. That is why you can’t think about the generations you’ll have to deal with. We have to fight for the future. That is the annihilation of the corporation, the monarchies, and any idea of a ruling class. Anyone who turns their back on the Bill of Rights deserves whatever horror befalls them.
            We are right in what we are doing and they are fools, but they are dangerous fools, not because they could crack an egg in a fight, but because they will act as human incubators for the bio agent. The stupidest of the stupid, because in the end it will kill them too.
            The punishment we meet out must be the worst in the history of the world as the punishment must fit the crime. If we just bite the bullet and quit looking at their faces we can do this in short order, as much pain as it is going to cost to do it.
            Damn the stupidity, especially those who should know better. If we want freedom and liberty to prevail we are going to have to become savages. The human incubators do not affect me emotionally and I don’t feel like I’m being outed. Truth is I hate their f-king guts and I let them know so they stay as far back from me as possible.
            Don’t put yourself in anguish, just keep getting meaner and meaner and meaner. What is going to happen is going to happen and we can’t let them use emotion literally to kill us. And they are the ones who better be afraid because all we have to do is avoid the platelets they are shedding and in the end they will quite simply kill themselves. We will miss them, but you mother f-king communists better know we will also avenge them and that iron hand is going right up your ass. The scourge of communism is going to be wiped off this earth. Nothing comes without sacrifice. In the end when we win we can make sure every one of the rich mother f-kers who made this happen dies the death of a dog.
            Chin up. Think about your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. It’s up to you whether they even get to exist. Scorn the stupid mother f-kers. Scream it in their face. ‘You’re killing my grandchildren and great grandchildren you mother f-ker’ and the further this goes the more the proof will pile up to the point where the last of their days and the pain that they feel will be minute. They won’t even be able to look you in the eye.
            Hell of a situation, but it is what it is and I for one am not giving an inch on the supreme superior law that furnishes my free sovereign individual right. I’ll leave it at that and let history judge.

  2. Agree sick and fckg tired!! These fckg so called American MTHRFCKRS that drive thier new fukin vehicles … vaxxed spreading thier sht to everoneelse STUPID CKSUCKERS 101 is Is the book they need to read!!!!!!! Takes to much to wake these stupid MTHfckers………

    1. My wife cleans peoples homes for our only real income anymore. Im sick all the time and so is she. Not to sure she can do it much longer We are in survival mode already. Also every single customer has been sick!!!!

      1. I cleaned a house 3 years ago, for a rich family. The cleaning liquids they used were full of poison, not to mention the entire house was saturated with wi-fi frequencies. I always felt sick after the 5 hours it took to clean all 3 floors. The mother had a still birth before I knew her, which I have no doubt, was directly related to the new frequencies of their home security system and all the computerized gadgets, devices and appliances. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  3. Henry, today I had some time alone to vent my rage against what all of these people in the family are using their influence in their positions as teachers, nurses, doctors, university professors, pharmacists, engineers, and cops, to promote and perpetuate. I practiced pushing my words through with as much meanness, fortitude and conviction as I was able to bring to bear, as though each and every one of them was in the room to see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears, the ferocity of the truth that they all failed to seek out and learn before giving themselves over to the power of mammon. They chose mammon over truth and freedom. I really appreciate each and every word you wrote today. I am reading it over and over with each individual one of my relatives in mind as I progress through each of their names. By the time I get through all 12 of the most influential of them, I will surely have the upper hand. When I see them all again, their “influence” will be all but a shrivelled up old balloon.

    “The stupidest of the stupid, because in the end it will kill them too.” Actually, as I see them all now, they are all already dead. After spending months educating my mom, who was “instrumental” as a public health nurse, in, as you once said, “putting the pieces into place”, she took it upon herself to walk over to the pop-up clinic across the street at the University of Windsor and get the jab. She told me all about how good and nice they all were. Now, a year later, she is in deep mental and physical decline. I decided not to allow this to affect my health and well being because this is her world, not mine. As I see it, she died on Sept. 11, 2021.

    1. this is not the 1st of dissapointing reports! Thanks Diana stay strong its going to get tougher! Take time to calm your mind and body… Chemtrails are for real they want us dead!! billion dead care to sample the sht they are disbursing over our fckg head !! KILL

      1. Bill of Rights, I started my wake up process 9 years ago. I came to the Trenches with all the pre-requisites necessary to grasp and understand clearly and fully, the enemy we face. Recently, while dusting off my mom’s book shelf, I came across 2 books by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. “A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” and “The Gulag Archipelago”. First, I started reading. Hard books to read. Then I found the audiobook. I’m 5 hours into “The Gulag Archipelago”. This is the hardest book I have ever attempted to get through. It is the hard reality of a world we must fight to prevent from ever coming into existence again.

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