How to Resist the Socialist State

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An antithesis of Alinski’s “How to Create a Socialist State” for Christians.

There are several measures of control the Socialist state will try to impose on its subjects. Of course an enlightened person will resist this wherever possible. Here are a few areas and methods of resistence:

1. Healthcare: Take control of your own health when possible. This includes home remedies and alternative health care. Only use state-regulated health services when no other reasonable means are available. Don’t sign up for .gov health insurance if you can help it.  

2. Poverty: Find a way to earn income to keep your family out of poverty, where the state wants you to be so that you will become dependent on them for everything. Find multiple income streams, if possible. Self-employment is the safest route to less regulated and sustainable income.

3. Debt: Get out of debt now, and stay out. Don’t get yourself into new debt. Pay for things in cash wherever possible. Don’t use credit cards. Don’t take loans for things other than a mortgage. Save up your money to pay cash for a car. If you can’t affor to do that, buy a cheaper car. Consider renting to stay out of debt. Try to minimize your tax burdon wherever possible.

4. Guns: The state wants to ban gun ownership to consolidate their total power over the individual. Acquire several guns, magazines and plenty of ammo before it’s all banned, or regulated or taxed to extinction (which are just stealth bans.) Never register your guns. Don’t succumb to background check stealth registrations. Think twice before getting a concealed-carry license, which is also a de-facto gun registration.

5. Welfare: Don’t take it, unless you can find no other possible way to survive. That is a path to slavery. Use it only as a last resort. Acquire independent food security, housing security and income security wherever possible to avoid becoming a slave to the System. Get an RV or tiny house to avoid a mortgage. If you have to buy a house, buy below your means so you don’t over-extend your budget. Live in a semi-rural or rural area, build a garden and raise small homestead livestock (chickens, rabbits, fish) to minimize your food dependency on the ‘Just-In-Time’ fragile food system. Secure an independent source of water, such as a well or pond. Even a swimming pool can help for a time. Stock a year’s supply of emergency long-term storage food. I’ve given people emergency storage foods as gifts before, and three times now someone has come back to me years later to thank me for helping them get through hard times. It’s certainly worth the investment.

6. Education: Avoid public education. It’s mostly propaganda now. Use private Christian schools whenever possible, including college. Home school if needed to keep your kids out of the Public Brainwashing System. Also, avoid non-Christian media programming, because it really is Programming, or brainwashing. And it has become morally reprehensible. Read Christian news and watch Christian TV shows & movies. Stay away from Hollywood-generated entertainment and news.

7. Religion: Be very picky about which church you go to and which preachers you follow, watch, listen to or read. Check & compare what they say vs. the scriptures daily. Avoid Laodecean churches. Hold them and their pastors & staff to a high moral standard. Read the bible & pray so you can know the truth. Avoid interfaithism and ecumenism, as they promote liberal compromises with Scripture. Make belief in Yahweh and in Yahshua our Savior a central part of your life and houshold. And share the gospel with others. Don’t spend a lot of time in any place that bans God or Jesus from their presence.

8. Class/Race/Party/Gender/Sexual Identity/Etc. Warfare: Don’t buy into it. We are all equal in God’s eyes, both rich and poor, Democrats & Republicans, and all races, genders, sexes, etc. We are all accountable to God. No one class or race, etc. is to be singled out and persecuted or to be biased against. Every group has problems and problem people, even Christians. Resist Socialist systems & ideas, not individuals. Remember that every individual has a soul that needs God. Have pity on the brainwashed legions of sheep, but don’t let them harm you or others, they are part of the machine.

Socialism and it’s ugly brother Communism are just more tools of the globalist elite to control people and take over the world for their Satanic vision of a One-World Government, their New World Order where they own and control everything, and enslave the world.

When the State controls all of these things on this list, you are living in a tyrannical police state of the NWO. You need to either resist and change it now, or leave it while you still can.


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