Retailer Pulls Pressure Cookers in the wake of Boston Bombing

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A humorous meme was going around Facebook this week, with an angry Senator Feinstein saying “No one needs 7 quarts of pressure cooking capacity.”

Well, it seems that someone took that a little more seriously.  Political correctness has run amok in one upscale retail chain.  

From the “We Couldn’t Make This Up” files, Williams-Sonoma, with over 250 stores in the United States,  has pulled pressure cookers from the shelves in response to the Boston Marathon bombing.

“It’s a temporary thing out of respect,” said Kent, who is the manager of the Williams-Sonoma at the Natick Mall, an upscale shopping center in Boston.

Update:   via Infowars

Pat Connolly, a Williams-Sonoma spokesperson, provided “Right Views” a statement regarding the decision, including an apology to anyone who was offended:

“Pressure cookers are available at all our stores nationwide.

“In the days immediately following the tragic bombings in Boston a local decision was made to remove pressure cookers from the sales floor of the stores near where the bombing occurred. We apologize if we offended anyone by this action.”

Williams-Sonoma sells gourmet cookware and home furnishings.  The company has said they will continue to offer pressure cookers on their website.

The bombs that shook finish line of the Boston Marathon were improvised explosive devices housed in pressure cookers.  The force of the blast was so strong that the lid of one of the cookers was found on the 6th floor roof of a hotel, 35 yards away from the site of the explosion.  Three people were killed, 14 people suffered amputations, and more than 260 people were treated for injuries sustained in the bombing.

The pressure cooker lid was found on top of the Charlesmark Hotel which is 35 yards away from the explosion site - such was the force of the blast

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6 thoughts on “Retailer Pulls Pressure Cookers in the wake of Boston Bombing

  1. That’s right Mr. and Mrs. America, if she had gotten sixty votes in the Senate… Turn them in….
    We need to stop the pressure cooker loop hole…..

  2. And surrender all the Bell and Mason jars along with caps and lids…….those are multi loading veggie jars that may possible be used to feed a PATRIOT

  3. I think that it is long over due for feinstein to get a change of medication. She definately needs something. The way those types like feinstein thinks is how they said that drugs make ya think back in that 60`s and the just say no era – at least that is what they used to say anyway. She is delusional at the very least.

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